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in Religious Education

An MA in Religious Education offers many career opportunities - which one is right for you? 

Parish or Church Worker 

Many of our students who complete the MA in Religious Education find that they are a good fit for providing a necessary ministry within their local parish serving as Directors or Coordinators of religious education, faith formation, RCIA, or youth and young adult ministry programs. Other type of positions our students have gone to pursue also include parish volunteer coordinators or ministry outreach coordinators and pastoral associates. 

Diocesan Workers

An MA in Religious Education also offers individuals the opportunity to pursue leadership roles within the diocese. Students who take on these roles work as leaders in the development of religious education curriculum for diocesan parishes and Catholic schools. 

Catholic & Christian School Teachers 

Another opportunity that a degree in religious Education may afford someone is the opportunity to teach religious studies, theology, or faith formation within a Catholic/Christian elementary or secondary school. Moreover, an MA in Religious Education is also beneficial for someone who is looking to also lead a school through campus ministry. 

College Campus Ministry 

Students of our MA Religious Education program have also gone on to becoming campus ministers at both religious and secular universities. 

Writing, Editing, and Publishing

A degree in Religious Education will also afford you the opportunity to assist others in deepening their knowledge and faith. With a degree in religious education, you can also pursue a career in publishing, writing or editing content for a major publisher/magazine or publish your own work.

Other Opportunities

In addition to the above, our students have gone on to work for non-profit organizations, in various roles within university mission offices and working within a variety of leadership roles within the Church.

An MA in Religious Education affords many opportunities - contact us today if you think this is the right program for you!  

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