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GSB Operations Academic AreasActing Area Chair: Icheng Robert Chiang

Operations refers to the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver a firm’s primary products and services. It integrates all aspects of the product and service lifecycle, from product and process design, procurement, planning, and production, to logistics, distribution, and returns. From start to finish, this execution process makes a direct, significant impact on a firm’s competitive advantages and financial performance.

Courses in the operations area equip students with a solid understanding of core operations concepts and decisions, rigorous analytical thinking and skills, and a creative mindset so they can deal with all of the complex issues of a supply chain. Moreover, courses incorporate new elements such as sustainability, risk management, and innovation, making them especially relevant to today’s increasingly interdependent and competitive global economy.

For students interested in specific business settings, the area also provides courses that explain the operations function in those industries, such as Operations in Health Care.