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Out of the Classroom, Into the World

Out of the classroom into the world

Experiencing Fordham Law means personalizing your professional life, sparking new interests, and giving meaningful life to the spirit of service.

Work in Fordham’s nonprofit law firm, solving real-life problems for real-life clients. Write for student journals, mastering topical legal issues. Compete domestically and internationally, proving your mettle as a thinker and speaker. Work and study all around our city and all around the world. You’ll graduate as a focused, work-ready lawyer who is connected intimately to a highly networked professional community in New York City and beyond.


You need real lawyering skills to solve legal problems in the real world. Check out our clinics for real-world practice and real-world relationships.

Fordham Law’s eighteen clinical practice areas will provide you the experience you need to find creative and meaningful solutions to the complex legal problems of our 21st-century world. In whichever of the clinics you choose, you play an important role in the resolution of real cases with real clients. You will gain a more complete understanding of and appreciation for the law while experiencing real people, real issues, and real outcomes.


Take your education beyond your classroom. Check out our externships and use the city as classroom.

Once you’ve become familiar with the classroom, the library, and your peers and professors, get acquainted with Fordham’s most vibrant learning environment: New York City. The School’s externship program provides you with an impressive collection of opportunities across the Big Apple, from the neighboring Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts to the hallowed judicial halls of the U.S. courts.

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