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Getting Started at Fordham University

Verification of Employment Eligibility

As a new employee, you must complete an Employment Eligibility Verification Form (known as the “I-9 Form”), which is required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. The purpose of the I-9 Form is to document that each new employee (citizen or noncitizen) hired after November 6, 1986, is authorized to work in the United States. The Immigration Reform and Control Act stipulates that Fordham University may only hire American citizens, permanent resident aliens and aliens who are authorized to work in the United States. Please be prepared to provide appropriate documentation as required by the I-9 Form to establish your identity and employment eligibility within the first three (3) days of your employment. Failure to do so will result in rescinding the offer of employment.

University Photo Identification Card

All members of the Fordham community must have a valid Identification Card. If you are a new employee, you will receive instructions on how to obtain your Identification Card. Please carry this card with you at all times. You will be required to show it to gain entrance to facilities, or to verify your employment with the University.

Internet and E-Mail Accounts

As a new employee an Internet and E-Mail Account will be established in your name. You will be expected to comply with all the provisions under the University’s Information Technology Policy.

Parking Permit

If you are an Administrator and wish to park your car at the Rose Hill or Westchester campuses, you must complete the Employee Parking Permit Application found on the Employee tab in the University portal, Parking is managed by the Office of Safety & Security. There is a monthly fee to park your vehicle on campus.

Introductory Period for Administrators

Every Administrator, either newly hired or promoted into a new position must satisfy a six (6) month Introductory Period. The Introductory Period is the initial period of time for you to learn about the University, and determine if you are suited for this new position. Conversely, the Introductory Period will afford your supervisor with a reasonable period of time to evaluate your suitability in terms of skill, knowledge, performance and compatibility.

Prior to the conclusion of the Introductory Period your supervisor will determine if you have met the required performance expectations for continued employment. Your supervisor will meet with you to discuss his/her assessment and the University’s decision regarding continued employment.

Notwithstanding the existence of an Introductory Period, employment with the University is not for any specific time and may be terminated “at-will”, with or without cause and without prior notice.