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Compensation and Job Classification

Employee Classification

You are considered to be an Administrator of the University if the President or his/her designee has appointed you to serve in an approved and funded position involving the performance of administrative or technical/professional duties on a full or part-time basis. The level of fringe benefits available to an administrator is based upon commitment hours and the terms of the individual appointment(s).

Working Hours and Overtime

The normal work hours of full-time regular staff members employed by Fordham University are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. With the approval of the authorized Department Head, in consultation with the Office of Human Resource Management, certain departments within the University may vary their scheduled office hours or days based upon their particular needs. We recommend that administrators confirm their designated work hours with their supervisor.

As an Administrator, you are expected to adhere to a schedule that, on average, approximates a full five-day workweek. On occasion, you may have to work longer than your typical schedule to fulfill your responsibilities. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, administrative and professional/technical staff members are exempt from overtime pay.

Paycheck Schedule and Distribution

The University's pay schedule is on a bi-weekly basis, every other Friday. For your convenience, you may elect to have your paycheck electronically transferred to your personal bank account (checking and/or savings) through Fordham's Direct Deposit Program.

If you elect direct deposit, you will receive an electronic pay stub by logging into your “My Fordham” account. Funds are available in your account at the beginning of each payday according to your bank’s schedule of hours. You may enroll in Fordham’s Direct Deposit Program during your New Employee Orientation or by contacting the Payroll Department. Should you decline to enroll in Fordham's Direct Deposit Program, your check will be sent to your home.

For ready access to funds from your paycheck, there are automatic teller machines (ATMs) located on Fordham’s Rose Hill, Lincoln Center, and Westchester campuses.

Performance Appraisals

Following your initial six-month performance assessment your supervisor(s) are expected to conduct a performance appraisal annually. The primary objective of the performance evaluation is to look back over the past year and summarize the ongoing feedback and communication that has transpired between you and your supervisor. Additionally, the University’s evaluation process is designed to;

  • Provide a framework of goals and standards from which to measure performance.
  • Develop action and training plans to correct performance problems and establish goals for the next review period.
  • Identify employees who should be promoted or given greater responsibility.
  • Act as a springboard to raise individual career development issues.
  • Serve as a tool to determine salary increases based on contributions to the University.

You can expect your immediate supervisor to review your performance in a private meeting. As part of the appraisal process, you will receive a copy of the written performance evaluation, and have the opportunity to submit written comments. After you have met and discussed the appraisal, you and your supervisor will sign the appraisal to indicate that its content has been reviewed. A copy of the appraisal will be placed in your permanent personnel file.

Salary Increases

Salary increases for administrators are generally awarded annually, effective July 1st. Increases are based upon individual performance and are granted solely at the University's discretion.

Promotions and Transfers

Whenever possible, the University encourages its administrative staff to seek career advancement opportunities through promotions and transfers within Fordham. The Office of Human Resource Management will post available administrative vacancies on bulletin boards throughout the University and online at If there is a position for which you wish to be considered, you may apply directly by following the instructions on the posting or by contacting the Office of Human Resource Management. Applications for transfer are confidential. You may be subject to a background screen to affirm your credentials. If you apply for a transfer, but do not receive it, you will not jeopardize your current position.

If you transfer to a new position you are expected to give your current supervisor at least 4 weeks notice. Departments may negotiate a shorter or longer notice period. The new department will assume responsibility for all vacation and personal days that have not been used. Once your transfer becomes official, you will be subject to a six-month Introductory Period. Shortly before you complete your Introductory Period, your supervisor is expected to prepare a written assessment of your performance recommending whether or not your employment should continue with the University in accordance with the Introductory Period Policy for Administrators.