Sustainable Cities Conference Call for Participation

Conference organizers are open to proposals on a range of topics, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary perspectives. Examples of possible topics include:

  • New York City as a model for responses to climate change, resiliency strategies, and potential strategies
  • The role of metrics and indicators in sustainable urbanism
  • Connecting quantitative approaches to understanding climate risk to policy decisions
  • International governance on climate change and, conversely, the role of subnational governance
  • Governance and transparency, as well as participatory planning resident inclusion, and the potential for citizen scientists
  • Moving toward the decaying infrastructure transition, the role of new technologies, financing, access to public transportation, private and emerging mass transit solutions, and the link between urban transit and jobs
  • Technology and smart city responses to climate change – including artificial intelligence and the role of big data as a tool for policy and research
  • Increased population, urbanization, and natural resource management, including open space and access to parks and natural resources as well as biological services
  • Sustainable or green finance, including obstacles and new models of financing for green projects, as well as the potential for creative public-private partnerships
  • Urban environmental challenges, including solid waste, wastewater/stormwater management, air quality, Superfund and toxics remediation and land use
  • Urban inequality, social justice, social inclusion, and community involvement/participatory decision-making
  • Environmental justice, disparate impacts, access to assets, environmental inclusion
  • Land use, environmental management, green buildings, and ecological design
  • Disaster preparedness and resiliency
  • Sustainable energy systems, including grid and integration issues as well as the role of renewable energy

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