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Authorizations, Searches and Hiring

Search Guidelines for Tenure and Tenure-track Faculty

This supplements policies and procedures in the University Statutes, in particular §4-05.01-02.
Any deviation must be pre-approved by the Dean of A&S Faculty.

Establishing Search Committees

  • include representatives from both campuses
  • include any interdisciplinary program involved in the search
  • encourage diversity in the search
  • identify the search committee to Dean Badowska, with a copy to Maura Gallagher in the Dean of Faculty’s office

Guidelines for Recruitment Expenditures

  • advertisements
    • submit to Dean of Faculty with pricing for approval before posting
    • when approved, place the ad in the agreed upon professional vehicle(s)
  • pre-screening at national conferences
    • ask faculty who are already attending the conference to interview
    • only if appropriate interviewers will not be at the conference, the department may, with the Dean of Faculty’s approval, send up to two (2) faculty members under the recruitment budget to screen candidates; as with academic travel, reimbursement for meals, etc. is for actual expenses, with receipts, not per diem
  • transportation and lodging for candidates
    • limited to two (2) nights
    • candidates are reimbursed for air or rail fare and local transportation (taxi, Ram Van, Metro-North, etc.)
  • meals
    • departments may entertain a candidate for dinner one (1) time with up to four (4) department members; expenses for this dinner should not exceed $80 per person ($400 in total); expenses that exceed this limit without prior approval may not be reimbursed
    • if the candidate is staying for 2 nights, the Chair or another faculty member may join him/her for dinner the other night, again keeping costs to less than $160
    • departments may provide lunch for the candidate and several department members and students on two (2) days; this should be at campus facilities, when possible, and not exceed $12 per person. Ask for a letter from Felicia Satchell in the Dean of Faculty’s office if you will be going to the RH Faculty Dining Room so that the expense is charged directly to his account


  • no more than two (2) finalists may be invited for an on-campus interview for each tenure-track position, whether local or not. If neither is offered and/or accepts the position, the Chair discusses with the Dean of Faculty the possibility of bringing another candidate(s)
  • contact Felicia Satchell to arrange an appointment with the Deans, stating any constraints (week(s) or day of the week desired, time of the department talk or class, etc.)
  • all candidates must visit at Lincoln Center and Rose Hill unless the department is one campus only
  • when a visit date is determined, notify Ms. Satchell of the candidate’s travel plans to confirm the visit on Deans’ calendars and to make hotel reservations
  • one week prior to the interview with the Deans, forward an electronic file for the candidate to Felicia Satchell, to include:
    • advertisement of the position
    • correspondence to/from the candidate
    • the candidate's curriculum vitae
    • 3 letters of recommendation
    • a schedule of activities for the visit (this may be updated closer to the visit)


  • if any Dean has significant reservations about a candidate, this is discussed immediately by the Deans as a group, and the Dean of Faculty promptly conveys the concerns to the Chair
  • otherwise, after the interview but before the Department meets to make its final recommendation, the Chair contacts the Dean of Faculty for feedback about the candidates
  • the Chair communicates the Department’s choice in an e-mail to the Dean of Faculty, BUT there is no communication with the candidate concerning an offer at this point

The Offer

  • the Dean of Faculty works with the Chair to determine the details of an initial offer and then consults with the Provost before the offer is made
  • only after receiving confirmation from the Dean of Faculty is the Chair authorized to make telephone contact with the candidate and to indicate the recommended terms the Department is ready to make to the Dean of Faculty
  • if discussion of the recommended terms with the candidate suggests the need for adjustments, these are discussed with the Dean of Faculty who may consult with the Provost; if it is desirable, the Dean of Faculty will speak directly with the candidate

When the Offer is Accepted

  • when the candidate accepts the verbal offer, the Chair e-mails the Dean of Faculty with the exact terms along with the candidate’s citizenship/visa status
  • the Dean of Faculty sends an e-mail to the department chair, with a copy to the Associate Vice President for Faculty Personnel, confirming the terms of the contract; at this time the Associate Vice President for Faculty Personnel sends the Faculty Application, background check materials, and Electronic Access form to the candidate
  • Departments no longer request transcripts; these are now part of the background check requested by Human Resources
  • when all required forms are completed, the entire file is sent to Maura Gallagher:
    • email address to be used to send application materials
    • address to which to send the contract
    • original letters of recommendation, if not received electronically
    • Record of Hiring form
  • at least 3 Search Committee/Department members in addition to the Department Chair are required to send hiring recommendations directly to the Dean of Faculty
  • when the file is complete, the Dean of Faculty includes his recommendation and sends the entire dossier to the Associate Vice President for Faculty Personnel, who prepares and sends the contract to the candidate
  • the candidate signs and returns the contract for the University’s signature; a copy of the completed contract is sent back to the candidate along with a cover letter giving instructions on how to arrange for a Fordham ID# and computer email account