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Arts and Sciences Distinguished Faculty

Mary C. Erler, PhD, is a Distinguished Professor of English. Research and Teaching Interests: Medieval and early modern literature; women's reading and book ownership; early English printing.

Elizabeth A. Johnson, CSJ, is a Distinguished Professor of Theology. Research interests are systematic theology, feminist theology, ecological theology.

Maryanne Kowaleski, PhD, has been named the Joseph Fitzpatrick, SJ Professor of Social Science. Dr. Kowaleski is a professor of History and Medieval Studies and Director of the Center for Medieval Studies. She specializes in medieval economic and social history; women and family; urban history; maritime history; England.

Lawrence Kramer, PhD, is a Distinguished Professor of English and Music. Editor, 19th- century music. His work concerns the interrelations of literature, music, and culture. He is a composer whose works have been performed internationally.

Dominick Salvatore, PhD, is a Distinguished Professor and chair of Economics, and Director of the PhD Program in Economics.

Merold Westphal, PhD, is a Distinguished Professor in Philosophy. Dr. Westphal's philosophical interests are in Continental philosophy from Kant to the present.

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