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Accessible Images and Videos

Alt Text/Alternative Text

All images should have alternative text. The 'alt text' field for images in Jadu is required. For those visually impaired, screen readers will be able to read the 'alt text' for each image.

  • Text should be descriptive and accurately describe the image.
  • Text will display on the screen first, if there is a delay with the image load time.

Learn more about alt text/alternative text for images.


Videos should ensure that all users can access the content. Accessible videos must have captioning.


Video captions are synchronized text form of a video. Captions enable people who are deaf or hard of hearing to read the video content. Captioning is also helpful for non-native English speakers so they can read along with the video.

Captioning resources:

Include closed captioning for videos with instrumental music, this way the spiders will not catch these videos as well.

Enter the following phrase into the caption area:
♪ Instrumental music with no lyrics. ♪

For assistance with video captions, please contact University Marketing at