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Gabelli School of Business

2017-2018 Academic Year

Traditional Undergraduate Students

New and Continuing Students

Full-time: *$49,645 per year
Part-time: *$1,655 per credit

*Full-time assumes 12-18 credits per term. Students will incur additional tuition charges above 18 credits.

General Fee (per term) Rose Hill: $272
Lincoln Center: $257
Application Fee $70
Technology Fee (per term) $206
Wall Street Journal Subscription Fee (per term) $16
Late Payment Fee (monthly) $15 or 1.5% on outstanding balance, whichever is greater

Orientation Fee

Orientation Fee
First Year $385
Transfer $285
International Students** $400

** In addition to above fee

Lab Fees

Lab Fees
Biology, Chemistry, Natural Science, Physics, Psychology, Computer $75
Graphic Design $75
Photography $150
Communications $75
Video and Film Production $100

Undergraduate Evening Students

Undergraduate Evening Students Fees
General Fee $84 (per term)
Technology Fee $127 (per term)
Continuing Students $945 per credit (Entrants Prior to Fall 2019)
New Students $1,824 per credit (Entrants Fall 2019 and Later)