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Blockchain for Humanity Initiative

Blockchain  for Humanity

The Blockchain for Humanity Initiative led by the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs aims to create a platform for technology experts, scholars and humanitarian practitioners to identify, discuss and recommend policies concerning the application of blockchain technology for humanitarian action. 

The Blockchain for Humanity Initiative aims to:

  • Highlight a range of piloted and pioneered blockchain initiatives for humanitarian action
  • Facilitate the ethical adoption of humanitarian blockchain solutions in response to technical, legal, and governance challenges facing the humanitarian sector
  • Connect professionals from across sectors to foster new partnerships, encourage technical collaboration, and explore nontraditional funding sources
  • Assemble a database of blockchain initiatives that respond to the technical, legal, and governance challenges in the humanitarian field 
  • Build a digital community of developers interested in impacting humanitarian assistance

With these goals in mind, we call on partners to join by:

  • Submitting pilot or proof of concept project notes as well as research papers modeling any application of blockchain for humanitarian response 
  • Organizing or hosting Summit follow up events, courses or workshops that further practical and constructive conversations on blockchain for good
  • Launching future humanitarian blockchain pilot projects
  • Developing joint courses or workshops 
  • Supporting and promoting open source solutions that have proven successful
  • Sharing the Summit report (to be developed soon) with technical experts and humanitarian practitioners 
  • Recommending developers and technical experts who are looking to use crypto technologies for humanity

Humanitarian Blockchain Summit: December 7, 2018

In 2017, the Humanitarian Blockchain Summit focused on pilot projects paving the road of blockchain in the humanitarian and development sector. This year, the Summit will instead be focused on blockchain infrastructure, exploring the role and potential of the different platforms in shaping future applications. 

Our goal is to allow aid actors to engage in a broader discussion on technology, governance, and business models. Together with our partners, which include IBM and the United Nations Office for Project Services, we will raise awareness on the wealth of options available in the Distributed Ledger Technology spectrum.

The Summit will facilitate engagement between major humanitarian and development actors and blockchain platform experts from companies like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Iota, and others.

Contact Us

Humanitarian and technology professionals are encouraged to reach out to IIHA Innovation Fellow, Giulio Coppi, to further their involvement. 

The Blockchain for Humanity Initiative is in partnership with: