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Remembering Dr. John P. Curran

The Curran Center Remembers Our Founding Benefactor, Dr. John P. CurranJohn and Connie Curran

John Curran, with his wife, Connie, has been our greatest benefactor and patron. But he was so much more than that for all of us at Fordham’s Curran Center for American Catholic Studies. To me, to our staff and faculty, and to our students over the years, Mr. Curran has been our inspiration, our most confident and generous supporter, our exuberant cheerleader, and a cherished mentor and friend. With his contagious smile, love for people, and energetic personality, his presence lit up a room. He made everyone who was privileged to know him feel capable of great things. He loved Fordham and loved his church; he dearly wanted both to thrive, and his support of the Center embodied these loves The success of our work over the past decade on behalf of Catholic studies and our students is a credit to his deep generosity and great vision. We will miss him terribly and remember him always. To read the full obituary for Dr. Curran, click here.
-Christine Firer Hinze, Director