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Long-Term Disability

The University’s Long-Term Disability Plan, is a fully-insured benefit that is designed to replace a portion of your lost income in the event of injury or illness resulting in a disability. Full time faculty and administrators are covered under the LTD Plan beginning the first of the month after the completion one full year of service. The Long-Term Disability Plan coverage is paid entirely by Fordham University, the cost of which is imputed as income. As a result, LTD benefits are paid tax free to eligible faculty and administrators when benefits are approved by the insurance company, First Reliance Standard.

The monthly LTD benefit under this program is an amount equal to 60% of covered monthly earnings, not to exceed $12,500 per month, and will be offset by any other benefits, such as Social Security or Worker’s Compensation. If approved by the insurance company, the monthly income benefit is payable effective on the first day of the month after you have been totally disabled for six consecutive months.

Summary Plan Description