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Benefits Eligible Faculty and Administrators


Full-time faculty members are eligible on date of hire; full-time administrators are eligible after six months of employment.

  • 24 credit maximum per academic year
  • 100% tuition remission

Spouse and eligible dependent children for Faculty and Administrators

  • No credit limits
  • 100% tuition remission

Limits apply to the law school and certain graduate school programs.

For more information and specific detail on the guidelines and procedure, please read the Tuition Remission Policy for Faculty and Administrators.

Submitting a Tuition Remission Application

Fordham is pleased to announce the launch of the new electronic Tuition Remission application form. If you’re taking advantage of Fordham’s tuition remission benefit, we hope you’ll appreciate the ease and efficiency of the new process.
Simply log on to the University portal,, navigate to the Human Resources tab and select Tuition Remission. Your credentials, including your name, ID and supervisor, will be automatically populated. 

Once you complete and submit the form, the system will keep you updated on the status of your request and automatically route the form to the appropriate party. 

Graduate-Level Tuition Remission Tax Considerations

Graduate School and professional school tuition is a taxable benefit for both employees and their eligible dependents. Employees of the University are permitted to receive up to $5,250 in a calendar year in tax-free benefits for their own study.

In limited situations, Employee Tuition Remission benefits might be deemed tax exempt.  Certain IRS conditions apply. To learn more about this and to access the Tuition Tax Exclusion Request Form, review the Tuition Tax Exemption Requests page.

Tuition Exchange (TE) Program

As a member institution of the Tuition Exchange (TE) Program, Fordham University provides an opportunity for dependent children of full-time faculty members and administrative employees to apply for scholarships at over 600 colleges and universities.

Scholarship amounts are set by the participating institutions, subject to the minimum rate established by the TE Program. Scholarships must be approved by the college or university to which the student applies.

TE Scholarship applications can be completed online at Payment instructions will be sent, upon application submission, for the $40 per school fee. The Tuition Exchange EZ App Guide provides step-by-step instruction on how to navigate the online application process.

Find out more about the Tuition Exchange Program Guidelines.

FACHEX Program

In addition to the TE Program, Fordham participates in FACHEX (Faculty & Staff Children Exchange), an undergraduate program that makes it possible for children eligible for tuition remission at their home institution (in this case Fordham University) to receive the same benefits at another Jesuit school.

Please be aware that the FACHEX Program is completely separate from the Tuition Exchange Program, and is administered through Student Enrollment Services.