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David Pedersen

David Pedersen student spotlightPh.D.

BA, Nebraska-Lincoln
MSEd, Lehman College-CUNY
MA, York, UK
PhD, Fordham University (2017)

Field of Study: Medieval

Courses Taught
Composition II

Dissertation Title
Conceptualizing the Inconceivable in Anglo-Saxon Wisdom Texts 

Dissertation Description
His dissertation, tentatively titled "Conceptualizing the Inconceivable in Anglo-Saxon Wisdom Texts," focuses on the effect of language and of cultural history on Christian subjectivity in Anglo-Saxon England. This project explores what it meant to an Anglo-Saxon in the century following the Alfredian Renaissance to self-identify as a Christian by examining the ways that Old English adaptations of Latin Christian philosophical and theological texts differ conceptually from the originals. David hopes, with this project, to challenge the monolithic definition of "Christian" that informs much of the modern scholarship on early medieval English Christianity.