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Legal English Institute Testimonials

Pedro Almeida (Brazil)

LEI Testimonial My semester at Fordham was not only an academic experience, but also a fantastic life experience. I had the chance to broaden my horizons, and rethink the next steps of my career. The course provides a thoughtful immersion into the common law system, and explores how the legal profession is managed in the United States. Furthermore, the class is composed of students from all over the world, with whom I learned a lot. We had graduate students, recently formed lawyers, people who were preparing for LL.M. programs, and established professionals. Finally, living in New York City
is really fun and a great place to welcome family and friends, and offers
unlimited options for leisure.

Angela Autier Chanot (France)

LEI TestimonialDuring my time in the Fordham Legal English Institute, I found that one of the most important aspects of the program was the relationships I built. I developed close friendships with other LEI students, who are now LL.M. classmates. Thanks to this rich and fulfilling LEI experience I am now enrolled in the LL.M. program and have recently been hired at a law firm. Thank you LEI and the Fordham Law Family!

Ángela Estrada (Colombia)

TLEI Testimonialhe Legal English Institute was an excellent introduction to Fordham and the LL.M. program. The opportunity to meet Professor Toni Jaeger-Fine and her staff was pivotal to my integration with Fordham Law and my fellow students. I highly recommend this program to everyone who wants to strengthen their judicial English skills.

Bruna Marchioretto (Brazil)

LEI TestimonialLEI was the best program I could have chosen before joining an LL.M. The program helped me improve my level of English, acquire general and specific knowledge of the American legal system, and develop my strengths as a lawyer. I definitely recommend the program for those who intend to advance their legal careers.

Anamaría Quintana Cepeda (Colombia)

LEI TestimonialMy experience in the LEI has been one of the most exciting for me in academic and personal terms. The possibility to learn about a common law system in English with students from all around the world has been invaluable.

Yolenny Ramos Hurtado (Venezuela)

LEI TestimonialsAs part of the Legal English Program, I had the opportunity to improve my English and lawyering skills. The program provided me with tools to develop my English learning needs, and also included classes in law which made me feel ready and confident to start the LL.M. Program.

Yanara Suenaga (Mexico)

LEI TestimonialThe LEI program allowed me to learn about the American Legal System and to be part of an international group which enriched every single class. All of the professors are highly committed to their work and are extremely helpful. I am very happy and proud to say that I studied at Fordham University. I will keep fond memories of my class and all of my professors. LEI was a great challenge.

Ke Zhang (People’s Republic of China)

LEI TestimonialThis program has provided me with a precious opportunity to get familiar with LL.M. program courses in advance. Warm-hearted teachers, well-designed classes, and diverse classmates have built my unforgettable New York story.