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Weddings at Fordham FAQ

Calendar/Waiting List

How long is the waiting list?
We don’t have a waiting list. It’s first come, first served, and dates are subject to availability. We accommodate most requests.

How far in advance can you book a wedding date?
There is a six-month minimum preparation time required for Catholic weddings.

Items at the University Church

Are flower arrangements and decorations allowed in the church?
Yes. However, the stones, stained glass, marble, and oak radiate the Gothic beauty and sacred character of University Church, so less is more. We do not allow cloth runners, and we do not allow anything—such as bubbles, flower petals, etc.—to be tossed on the floor. Flower arrangements may be set to the side of the main altar, not exceeding the height of the altar, and on the high altar. Because of space constraints, they are not allowed in the church vestibule. Pew decorations are also permitted. All flowers and pew decorations must be removed from the church within 30 minutes after your ceremony.

How can we secure pew decorations to the ends of the pews?
You may use materials including clips, rubber bands, and twist-ties to secure pew decorations. Tape, glue, and/or other adhesive materials are not allowed because they may damage the wood.

When can our florist arrive to start decorating the church?
The florist can deliver flowers after 11 a.m. the day of your ceremony. They should come to the main sacristy door to unload. There is a 30-minute time frame for setup before the wedding liturgy, and no earlier, due to other weddings taking place the same afternoon.

Does the University Church provide altar candles and a unity candle?
The church provides the altar candles. You are welcome to purchase and bring a unity candle and side candles to the rehearsal.


Where can guests park for the wedding ceremony?
For both the rehearsal and wedding itself, the security guards at Fordham’s main entrance (off Southern Boulevard, opposite the New York Botanical Garden, GPS address: 2691 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10458) will have the names of the bride and groom, and will inform your wedding party and guests of the parking arrangements. There is no additional cost for guests to park on campus. Guest parking will be determined that day. The bride’s limousine will park in front of Martyrs’ Court so that the bride may walk up the main pathway to the front of the church.

Should your guests need to park in the main parking garage near the Southern Boulevard entrance, assistance will be provided for persons with mobility issues. Please ask the security guard to call a car to transport any physically challenged guest. Every effort will be made to ensure guest parking for your wedding at the University Church is as convenient as possible.

Photography and Video

Can guests take photos and video during the ceremony?
We suggest only professional wedding photography during the ceremony. The church has no objection to professional photographers taking photographs of the wedding, nor to the liturgy being filmed by a videographer arranged by the couple being married. It is important that the photographer and/or videographer introduce themselves to the priest and wedding minister before the wedding begins and adhere to all instructions.

Is drone photography OK?
No. Drones are not permitted on campus.


May we have a friend/family member perform a musical piece at our ceremony?
All questions regarding music during a wedding ceremony in the University Church must be directed to Fordham’s director of liturgical music and organist, Robert Minotti. He can be reached at 718-817-4504 or at


What should we bring to the rehearsal?
You need to bring your New York state civil marriage license, programs, and unity candle (if applicable.)

How long is the rehearsal?
The rehearsal will last for one (1) hour. You must show up on time, as no extra time will be allotted for the rehearsal if you are late.

What do we do at the rehearsal?
A wedding minister will assist your presider with facilitating the entire ceremony from processional to recessional. The rehearsal is also the time to clarify any last details with the wedding coordinator and clergy regarding the ceremony.

How do we apply for a New York civil marriage license?
Here is a helpful link with information for getting married in New York state:

How do we register for Pre-Cana? 
Here is a helpful link to the Archdiocese of New York Family Life Office:

Are buses permitted on campus?
Before you hire any buses for your guests, you must speak with Public Safety and Security to ensure the buses can be accommodated (718-817-4080).

Outside the Church

Can we throw anything outside?
No. Nothing is to be thrown—flower petals, rice, birdseed, etc.

How about bubbles?

While we’re taking pictures, can we have a table set with refreshments for our guests?

Timing on the Day of Wedding

For how long do we have the church reserved?
From 30 minutes before your ceremony’s start time until 90 minutes after. For instance, if you have a 2 p.m. wedding, you have the church from 1:30 to 3:30. You must be out of the church and not be in front of the church taking pictures after that time. You can still take pictures on the Rose Hill campus, but please be sensitive to the next wedding and do not intrude on their time and space.

When will we be finished with the ceremony?
The ceremony lasts either 40 minutes or one hour, depending on whether the rite of matrimony takes place within Mass. This is something to discuss with your priest or deacon.

Again, you have the church for two hours—30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, and an hour and a half for the ceremony itself and removal of decorations. You can also take pictures in any leftover time.

If you don’t see your question on this list, please contact Weddings at Fordham at