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Officiating Deacon or Priest

Bride and Groom with Officiating Priest

Each marriage is unique. Some marriages may require additional attention by the engaged couple and whoever is preparing both parties to celebrate this sacrament. We strongly recommend that you contact your pastor or the priest or deacon who is to officiate at your wedding, as soon as possible to discuss with him your plans for marriage. It is the sole responsibility of this priest or deacon to assist you in gathering the required documents and to assume other responsibilities as well. The officiant is responsible for all components of marriage preparation and is expected to be present for both the rehearsal and wedding. The Office of Campus Ministry will send an Officiant Portfolio via email to the presider, outlining the requirements.

Responsibilities of an Officiant Include:

  • Completing a dispensation form, in the case of a planned marriage of mixed religion, included in Officiant Portfolio email. Please notify our office in advance if any of these conditions apply. If you require additional information regarding annulments, the necessary dispensations from:

    Marriage Tribunal
    Archdiocese of New York
    1011 First Avenue
    New York, NY 10002
    Phone: 212-371-1000
  • Obtaining civil registration to conduct a wedding in the City of New York. This is extremely important. The easiest way to register is through the Chancery Office, which can be reached at the same address or phone number as the Marriage Tribunal. If the officiant has previously conducted a wedding in the City of New York, he should already be registered.
  • Assisting you both in planning the marriage liturgy, using the booklet Together for Life (Champlin), which is supplied by the Office of Campus Ministry.
  • Assisting you in completing the Pre-Nuptial Interview form, which Campus Ministry will provide for the priest or deacon.
  • Obtaining delegation from the pastor of Our Lady of Mercy, which is Fordham University's parish. A template of an email to the Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy is included in the officiant's portfolio. The pastor will contact the officiant directly to grant delegation. Then, your officiant must forward a copy of email granting delegation to
  • Attending the wedding rehearsal. While Fordham's marriage minister will conduct the rehearsal, the presence of the officiant helps to ensure a trouble-free ceremony at the actual wedding.
  • Completing and signing the civil marriage license on the day of the wedding. The completed license will be mailed to the City Clerk's Office by the Office of Campus Ministry after making copies for our files. The Office of Campus Ministry will also register the marriage at Our Lady of Mercy parish and send the couple a marriage certificate. All documents will be filed at Our Lady of Mercy. If the information is needed in the future, please contact Our Lady of Mercy directly.