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CIS Faculty Review

Faculty and Contacts

Chair's Office Rose Hill
340 John Mulcahy Hall Bronx, NY 10458 | Phone: 718-817-4480

Department Chair
Dr. Xiaolan Zhang | JMH 340B - LL 610F | 718-817-4480 |

Graduate Program Directors

MS in Computer Science
Dr. Damian Lyons | JMH 320 |

MS in Data Analytics
Dr. Yijun Zhao | LL 610E |

MS in Cybersecurity
Dr. Thaier Hayajneh | JMH 333 |

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies (Rose Hill)
Dr. Daniel Leeds | JMH 332 |

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies (Lincoln Center)
Dr. Arthur Werschulz | LL 610D |

Department Staff

Department Administrator
Palma A. Sisca | JMH 340 - LL 610G |

System Administrator
Robert Kudyba | JMH 329 | 718-817-4493|

Rose Hill Center Secretary
Alexandra Medure | JMH 340 | 718-817-4480 |

Lincoln Center Secretary
Eliane A. Victoria | LL 813 | 718-636-6310 |

Faculty and Staff

Habib M. Ammari, Associate Professor
PhD (CS), Faculty of Sciences of Tunis; PhD (CSE), University of Texas at Arlington
Wireless Sensor Networks, Applied Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Physical Security, Computational Geometry.
Office: JMH 336 (RH) | Phone: 718-817-4481 |

Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan, Assistant Professor
PhD degree , MEng degree in Computer Science and Technology from CSU
Dependability, Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Internet of Things
Office: JMH 336A (RH) | Phone: 718-817-0582 |

Henry Han, Associate Professor
PhD, Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences, University of Iowa, 2004
Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Systems Biology, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistical Learning, High-performance Computing and Financial Engineering
Office: LL 610A (LC) | Phone: 212-636-6213 |

Julie Harazduk, Lecturer

Thaier Hayajneh, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Applied Cryptography, Network Security and Privacy
Office: 333 (RH) , 808F (LC) | Phone: 718-817-4482, 212-636-7785 | Email:

Frank Hsu, Clavius Professor
PhD, University of Michigan
Interconnection Networks for Massively Parallel Computer systems, Communication Networks and VLSI Designs, Parallel Algorithms and Architectures, Telecommunication Network Design and Optimization, Graph Theory and Combinatorial problems.
Office: JMH 402A (RH) | Phone: 718-817-4483 |

Nikitas Kounavelis, Lecturer

Daniel Leeds, Assistant Professor
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Computational Principles of Perception, Statistical Analysis of Brain Data, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Office: JMH 332 (RH) , 808F (LC) | Phone: 718-817-5196 | Email:

Yanjun Li, Associate Professor
PhD, Wright State University
Text Mining, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Ontology, Information Retrieval, Bioinformatics Analysis, Parallel and Distributed Computing
Office: JMH 402B (RH) | Phone: 718-817-0505 | Email:

Zigeng Liu, Lecturer
Office: JMH 308B (RH)

Damian Lyons, Professor, Director of the MS Program in Data Analytics
PhD, University of Massachusetts
Target tracking and behavior recognition in Automated Video Surveillance and in Camera-based User Interfaces. Computer vision for Virtual and Augmented Reality Interfaces. Formal analysis of behavior for robotic systems operating in unstructured environments. Integration of planning and reaction in robotic systems.
Office: JMH 320 (RH) | Phone: 718-817-4485 | Email:

Truong-Huy D. Nguyen, Assistant Professor
PhD, National University of Singapore
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Human Computer Interaction.
Office: JMH 402C (RH) | Phone: 718-817-3522 | Email:

Robert K. Moniot, Associate Dean, Lincoln Center
PhD (Physics), University of California, Berkeley; MS (Computer Science), New York University
Accelerator-based mass spectrometry of radioisotopes, applied to archeology, geophysics and meteoritics. Scale-space and equation-error minimization approaches to problems in image reconstruction and solution of partial differential equations. Analysis of computer ethics issues.
Office: LL 821-A (LC) | Phone: 212-636-6302 | Email:

Tadeusz Strzemecki, Assistant Professor 
PhD, Stevens Institute of Technology
Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Complexity of Algorithms, Theory of Computation.
Office: LL 610-B (LC) | Phone: 212-636-6332 | Email:

Karen Trovato, Lecturer
PhD , University of Amsterdam; MS, New York University 
Path Planning, Algorithms, Medical Informatics
Office: JMH 308B (RH) | Email:

David S.L. Wei, Professor
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Parallel and Distributed Computing, Mobile Computing, and Networking.
Office: JMH 328 (RH) | Phone: 718-817-4497 | Email:

Gary M. Weiss, Associate Professor in Computer Science
PhD, Rutgers University
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Mining
Office: JMH 308A (RH) | Phone: 718-817-0785/5280 | Email:

Arthur G. Werschulz, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Professor
PhD, Carnegie-Mellon University
Information-based complexity (the complexity of partial differential equations and integral equations)
Office: LL 610-D (LC) | Phone: 212-636-6325 | Email:

Lawrence Wolk, Lecturer
Office: JMH 303 (RH) and LL 813 | Phone: 718-817-5208 | Email:

Xiaolan Zhang, Chair & Associate Professor
PhD, University of Massachusetts, 2007
Computer Networks and Distributed Systems.
Office: JMH 340A (RH) | Phone: 718-817-4484 | Email:

Yijun Zhao, Assistant Professor and Program Director of M.S. Data Analytics (MSDA)
PhD, Tufts University
Machine Learning, Data Mining, Statistical Pattern Recognition, Algorithms
Office: LL 610E | Phone: 212-636-7816 | Email:

Lisha Zhou, Lecturer

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Paolina Centonze
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Anthony Duhaime Candeias
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Dino Cataldo Dell'Accio
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

James Doyle
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Stephen Flatley
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Ravi Tanikella
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Tanweer Akram
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Robert Alpert
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Josephine Brenda Altzman 
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Silvio Balzano
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Alim Buksh
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Kenneth Cavanagh
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

George Chan
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Zecheng Chang
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Zhixiong Chen
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Jose Deleon
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Jeremy Drysdale
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Wael Hibri
Office: JMH 308B (RH) | Email:

Zhou Ji
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Michael Kadri

Fawad Khan
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Michael Konefal

Ruta Kruliauskaite
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Vincent R. Mierlak
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | E-mail:

Tsung-Ming Liu
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Lucie Mingla
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Kevin Muller
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Kazi Obaidullah
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Subramaniam Palamadai
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Georgios Papadopoulos
Office: LL 812 (RH) | Email:

Luigi Patruno
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Marco Pistoia
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Rolf Ryham
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Erik Schomburg 
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Marlon Seaton
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Kanchan Thaokar
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Roger Tsai
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email:

Carlos Zena
Office: JMH 340 (RH) | Email: