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Procurement Card

The Office of University Procurement retains secure and limited use of a "Procurement" credit card, currently American Express, for exception purchases. The use of the Procurement credit card is to support University departments, to supplement the regular process of using purchase orders, limited purchase orders, and check requests to obligate University funds and to expedite the process of placing orders on behalf of the University Community.

Departments (faculty and staff) are encouraged by the Office of University Procurement to direct their operational needs for goods and services to the Purchasing/Procurement Department and to take part in, and utilize our existing Negotiated Programs, Agreements and Vendor Relationships through the Office of University Procurement.

The Office of University Procurement adheres to "best practices" for making purchases on behalf of user departments: Documenting, tracking and maintaining as much cost control on spending as possible, through rigorous sourcing, the use of pre-negotiated pricing, and adhering to existing University approval protocols.

The use of the Procurement credit card is an option when a requisition is received from faculty and staff and one or more of the following apply:

  • Procurement Office does not have an existing program or agreement, etc.. in place with a vendor in order to secure goods or services in a timely manner, via normal processes, i.e., issuing a purchase order.
  • The vendor does not have an existing relationship with the University, and time is a factor in determining to use a Procurement Card.
  • Vendor represents a specialty product, etc., and/or does not accept purchase orders.
  • Request for goods/services is last minute or time-sensitive, and where time is of the essence, and a purchase requires immediate processing to meet departmental time restraints.
  • Research Department conducts a study or survey and anonymous participants are issued pre­ paid gift cards for taking part in survey/study. (Note: Ordering departments are required to maintain names of recipients for auditing purposes and provide reference numbers for Procurement to maintain with backup documentation.)
  • Unique or sole source item is requested by the department from a small or specialty vendor where generally accepted B2B processes are not accepted.

Process for making purchases on behalf of departments using Procurement Credit Card:

  • User department submits an email requesting goods/services, with signed/approved requisition, to Procurement Agent.
  • Type of products and services are exceptions to established and existing vendor relationships, etc. Request for purchases of goods and services, specialty items, and/or pre-paid gift cards - via email to Procurement Representative.
  • Email requests must include notification to Budget managers (authorized budget signatories) and include a signed requisition (attachment to email) and a hard copy forwarded to Procurement Office (FMH room 131).
  • The request must include specific information, including and not limited to the justification for the need for using American Express Procurement card for purchase (excluding Travel and Entertainment) in lieu of purchase order and/or limited purchase order.
  • American Express gift card requests, must include names of recipients of cards for accounting /auditing purposes, or in cases where anonymity is required, the requester must provide the Procurement Agent with reference numbers directly linked to names to ensure integrity of backup documentation and meet and adhere to requirements of any possible future auditing examination(s).
  • All goods and services must have a University ship-to-address including exact locations, building name, room numbers, attention-to-name and University telephone number and email.
  • The Procurement Agent reviews request and determines if the use of a Procurement credit card is an option, and/or redirects the purchase to an established vendor, so as to capture and utilize established agreements.