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Rose Hill Honors Bronx Engagements

In 2020-2021, we announced three formal partnerships between the Honors Program and local Bronx organizations.

The Youth Engagement Program (YEP)
Jonas Bronck Academy is a NYC public middle school across the street from the Rose Hill Campus. This partnership is centered around an initiative called the Youth Engagement Program, which trains Rose Hill Honors students in the theory and practice of mentoring and then matches them individually with middle-school students in a holistic program of academic, interpersonal, and community-oriented mentoring. YEP mentors help their mentees define their own, personal learning goals, which they pursue together alongside a set curriculum that includes sessions on work/life balance and mental wellbeing, personal and civic responsibility, and college/career planning, among others.

BxCF Media Development
The Bronx Community Foundation is a newly-established organization that aims to build an equitable, inclusive, and just Bronx by prompting investment in community-driven, place-based organizations working to realize a resilient and prosperous Bronx. Their first major effort has been the Bronx Community Relief Effort, developed in response to the pandemic's devastating effect on the Bronx; to date, among other accomplishments, they've distributed over 1.7 million meals and awarded over $1 million in grants to individuals in need. Rose Hill Honors students assist with website and media publishing for the Bronx Community Foundation.

Bronx Community Engagement Research
A two-year interdisciplinary research project focused on food insecurity in the Bronx emerged from a collaboration between Honors, professors in Fordham’s Graduate School of Social Service, and BronxWorks, a wrap-around social services agency in the Bronx dedicated to helping individuals and families improve their economic and social wellbeing. The goal of this two-year project is to determine the effectiveness of BronxWorks’ food pantry program as a port of entry to these other critical services. BronxWorks seeks to determine this both to help them improve their own processes and to provide evidence of their utility to the community as they apply for the long-term funding that makes their work possible. Honors students will work throughout the project as Research Associates, conducting research alongside seasoned professors and engaging with a seminal Bronx organization and its clients. Work on this project begins in Summer, 2021.