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Student Activities Council

I enjoyed my experience in SAC so much because students are able to be actively involved in choosing and planning the kinds of events that we want most to take part in. Through SAC, our ideas for making the program the best it can be are realized.
—Katie DeFonzo, Honors Alumna

Students are encouraged to actively give shape to the Rose Hill Honors Program through the Student Activities Council, our extra-curricular programming board. This student-led council consists of committees focused on a variety of activities ranging from professional development, arts and entertainment, student mentorship, health and wellness, sports, Bronx engagement, and more. Every student is welcome to share their passions and ideas for building the Honors community by joining an existing committee or creating a new one.

Alpha House

Committees and their activities include:

  • Arts and Entertainment
    • Trivia Night and Open Mic Night
    • Trashing the Classics: Screening (and Bashing) of the film Troy
    • Feminist Book Club
    • Dinner and a Movie with Maura Mast, Dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill
  • Bronx Culture
    • Trip to the Bronx Museum of Art
    • Food tour of the East Bronx
  • Commuters and Allies
    • Lunch in Alpha House with food from local Bronx eateries
  • Humanities/Social Sciences
    • Humanities/Social Sciences Info-Mixer
    • Conversation on the importance of the liberal arts with professors
    • Conversations with distinguished alumni in law
  • Service and Social Justice
    • Conversations on Bronx history with a professor
    • Meals on Wheels volunteer program
    • Habitat for Humanity service trip
    • Biannual newsletter discussing current justice issues and sharing local community opportunities
  • STEM/Pre-Health
    • STEM/Pre-Health Info-Mixer
    • Conversations with distinguished alumni in medicine
  • Wellness
    • Monthly yoga classes
    • Candy and community nights
  • Web Presence
    • Monthly blog posts
    • Weekly Instagram and Facebook presence