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Discovering Spain Program

Location: Granada, Spain
Term: Fall

"Rather than just focus on our grades and the classroom, all of my professors took us on excursions outside to introduce us to the culture and the country in which we were staying."

-Kathryn Mandalakis, Spring 2018


Students in Fordham's Discovering Spain Program take four courses - three content courses taught in English or Spanish, and a Spanish language and culture course at the student's level of competency. Courses in Business, Politics, Sociology, Economics, Health Services, STEM, History, and Culture are available. Students with appropriate language skills can also take advantage of for-credit internships.

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Program Details

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The city of Granada, a recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and the world. It is also the hometown of Federico García Lorca and a center of flamenco culture. The Alhambra Palace, the Sacromonte and Albacín neighborhoods, the Cathedral, and the numerous Baroque churches of the city are testimonies of a rich past, which continues to be alive through its vibrant university community.


No Spanish language experience is required.

Required Course

Students will enroll in different classes, receiving instruction at their appropriate level of Spanish language competency from beginner to advanced, to upper-level literature courses. Courses follow the same core language sequence and can be applied towards Fordham's major or minor in Spanish.

SPAN 1001. Introduction to Spanish I. (5 Credits)

An introductory course that focuses on the four skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening providing students with a basic knowledge of Spanish linguistic structures, vocabulary and culture, which studied interdependently, comprise the Spanish Language.

SPAN 1002. Introduction to Spanish II. (3 Credits)

This course will enhance the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills acquired by students in Introduction to Spanish I or from prior study. It will further promote a deeper understanding of Spanish and Hispanic cultures.

SPAN 1501. Intermediate Spanish I. (3 Credits)

Review of grammar. Intensive practice in conversation and composition. Reading and discussion of graded literary texts. The second semester continues and amplifies the work of the first. Conducted in Spanish.

SPAN 1502. Intermediate Spanish II. (3 Credits)

Review of grammar. Intensive practice in conversation and composition. Reading and discussion of graded literary texts. Conducted in Spanish.

SPAN 2001. Spanish Language and Literature. (3 Credits)

Study of selected literary texts and review of pertinent grammatical structures, textual analysis, composition, and conversation. Conducted in Spanish.

SPAN 3995: Spanish in Context

An intensive, upper-level Spanish course.


Students choose 3 content courses in their field(s) of study from courses taught in English offered at University of Granada's Centro de Lenguas Modernas (CLM). Following is a list of courses typically offered:








If you have advanced Spanish language skills, equivalent to SPAN 2001: Spanish Language and Literature,  you may also take courses in Spanish or enroll in for-credit internships administrated by the University of Granada in partnership with local companies and organizations. For these options, please refer to the Spain in Context Academics tab.


An integral component of this program is the full immersion living arrangement. Participants will live with a Granadan family for the semester. Homestay families provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a supportive environment for participants to acclimate to their new surroundings. Families are carefully selected by the Universidad de Granada in consultation with Dr. Rafael Lamas, Director of Fordham in Granada.

Student Services

Fordham in Granada is centrally located and close to the Universidad de Granada. Participants are offered individualized tutoring services and can expect their academic progress to be closely followed and guided by program staff. Intercambio (conversation exchange activities) are also coordinated through this office as well as through the CLM. All program participants have Universidad de Granada insurance, and are granted access to all Universidad de Granada facilities.

Participants will engage in a number of cultural excursions within Granada as well as take short trips to other parts of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. In previous terms, the program visited Sevilla, Córdoba, Nerja, Ronda, Guadix, Cabo de Gata, Portugal’s Algarve region, and Morocco where they met with local students and lived with Moroccan families.


The program runs from approximately mid-September to mid-December.


Fall 19 Dates:

September 15 - Students arrive in Granada

December 20 - Students depart from housing