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Fordham Real Estate Student Association

15 Renwick St Site Tour with Izaki Group Investments

The Fordham Real Estate Student Association (FRESA) provides opportunities for graduate students at the Fordham University Real Estate Institute to pursue their professional and academic goals beyond the classroom. To supplement in-class learning, FRESA organizes group activities that hone leadership skills, introduce new career opportunities, and establish a life-long professional network.

Recognizing that real estate is a relationship business and that networking skills are invaluable, Colleen Wenke, senior vice president, Taconic Investment Partners, and Fordham REI Executive Advisory Council member, provided a generous gift to help launch FRESA. “We are deeply grateful to Colleen for her support of the Real Estate Institute,” said Dean Davidson. “As our students are launching and developing their careers in real estate, they are actively seeking opportunities to build relationships with others in their field, and Colleen’s gift allows us to provide them the resources to do just that.”

Our Mission

  • Foster connections among current students, faculty, and alumni working in the industry
  • Invite prominent industry professionals to speak on campus
  • Organize tours for students to meet prospective employers and visit project sites
  • Collaborate with external industry organizations
  • Collaborate with students at other programs within Fordham University

Our Most Recent Activiites 

  • Semester Kickoff Mixer
  • Roundtable Q&A dinners with industry leaders 
  • CASE competitions
  • Building and development site tours
  • Networking opportunities with faculty and mentors  
  • Semester socials
  • Semester Wrap Mixer 

Our Current Leadership

  • Orion Hinkley, co-president
  • Thomas DeBlasio, co-president
  • Cassandra Charles, Treasurer
  • Jill Weston, Social Committee Chair
  • Solangi Alejo, Continuing Education Committee Chair
  • Heather Mount, Membership Committee Chair
  • Harvey Luk, Alumni Committee Chair

Our Previous Leadership

  • Harvey Luk, former co-president
  • Jill Weston, former co-president
  • Erin Leahy, former co-president
  • Marc Baecht, former co-president