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Network Access Control (NAC) Acceptable Use Policy

Version 1.0.1

All computers connected to Fordham University’s wireless network must have installed adequate and approved software to ensure a secure environment. Fordham IT will ensure compliance with this policy and will assist users in maintaining their computers in the manner prescribed. Software needed to ensure a secure environment will include:

  • Fordham University approved antivirus software. Bitdefender is available for free to all in the Fordham community.
  • The most current software for your operating system(s) and applications.
  • Software to ensure that copyrighted files are not freely shared over the Internet.
  • Other software deemed appropriate by the University to ensure a safe and secure Internet and Intranet.

Please note the following regarding the use of Fordham University’s wireless network:

  • Bandwidth consumption is monitored to prevent abuse of network resources. Excessive or sustained bandwidth consumption may burden the network and such usage may be restricted.
  • The primary purpose of the wireless network is to support the University’s academic mission. The following activities are prohibited without the expressed written consent of Fordham IT:
    • Setting up a router and building a private subnet
    • Setting up any type of information server such as web, email, game, print, FTP, etc.
    • Propagating email chain letters
    • Allowing unauthorized people access to the network
    • Using the network for personal financial gain
    • Copying University-owned or licensed information to another computer
    • Sharing copyrighted files and/or software over the network
    • Modifying or attempting to modify University-owned or licensed information including software and/or data
    • Attempting to damage or disrupt network services
    • Using the network or related resources in the commission of a crime
    • Using traffic-intensive applications that may cause problems within the network or diluting the level of service to other users

The user of wireless networks must abide by the Acceptable Use of IT Infrastructure and Resources. Any violation of this policy may result in revocation of network access, possible disciplinary charges per the applicable handbook, judicial action and/or criminal charges.

Revision History

Version: Date: Description:
1.0 01/10/2018 Initial document
1.0.1 01/16/2020 Reviewed, minor update