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Finding the Right Career for You

Expectations of your professional options will range widely depending on a variety of factors. They differ for Master’s and Ph.D. students, students in the social or natural sciences versus the humanities, and students preparing for academia versus those thinking about pursuing careers in the private or non-profit sector. By identifying your strengths, interests, and values, you can start setting your strategic goals today and forge a clear transition from graduate student to working professional.

The following resources offer a number of free and valuable tools to help you complete your degree and learn more about yourself along the way as you consider – and prepare for – the right career opportunity for you.

Career Exploration Road Map

The Career Exploration Road Map was designed for participants in the Motivating Informed Decisions (MIND) program. Developing a road map like this one will help you to “1) visualize the ‘terrain,’ or process, of career exploration, 2) track your progress and 3) identify the most strategic next steps,” according to MIND program organizers.

My Individual Development Plan (MyIDP)

The My Individual Development Plan (MyIDP) resource was developed for physical science careers, humanities and social science students will find this individual development plan valuable, too. The tool will help you get a clear picture of work that you enjoy, your unique skillset, and what is important to you in a career.

Imagine Ph.D.

ImaginePh.D. is a comprehensive career exploration and planning tool for Ph.D. students in the humanities and the social sciences. The platform includes self-assessments to help you identify your strengths and align them with career possibilities of interest. The ImaginePh.D. platform will also help you to establish, and schedule a time to complete, major academic and career goals with a built-in calendar feature.