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Giving Day Regional Chapter Challenge

During Fordham Giving Day, the regional alumni chapter that exceeds their goal by the highest percentage will win a free happy hour!

Participation in the Regional Chapter Challenge is simple! Just make your gift through the unique giving link that is emailed to you during Fordham Giving Day. Results will be demonstrated on the Giving Day page in real time. The Fordham Giving Day team will alert the winning chapter leader following the close of the campaign.

A unique donor goal has been calculated for each of Fordham’s regional alumni chapters, based on the size of a chapter's network and the number of donors who generally contribute from that particular area. Donor goals by chapter are listed below.

Giving Day Regional Chapter Goals

Regional Chapter Donor Goal
Albany 15
Atlanta 15
Austin 10
Boston 50
Buffalo 15
Central New Jersey 30
Champlain Valley 10
Charleston 30
Charlotte 10
Chicago 50
Dallas 15
Hartford 35
Houston 10
Hudson Valley 40
London 10
Long Island 115
Los Angeles 30
Low Country 35
Miami 25
Nashville 10
Northern and San Francisco 40
Northern New Jersey 160
Orange County 20
Philadelphia 70
Phoenix 10
San Diego 20
Sarasota 10
Savannah 10
Seattle 20
South Florida 15
Southeast Virginia 10
Southwest and Naples 10
Staten Island 20
Tampa 10
Washington, D.C. 75
Westchester 140