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Phase 3: Room Selection Grouping

Creating a Group (Group Leaders only):

Scenario 1: All Group Members have the Same Expected Graduation Year

  • The Group Leader must create a group by selecting "create a new group."
    • Everyone’s group must have only 1 group leader who will be responsible for verifying your group and picking your room during the group leader’s timeslot. You can only be in 1 group at a time!
  • The Group Leader must create a group Name and Password.
    • Anytime a change is made to the group, the group leader must re-verify the group.
  • As the Group Members add themselves to the group, the Group Leader must verify the group each time there is a change until the group is final and SELECT SAVE AND CONTINUE.

Group Leaders must click "verify group" each time a change is made.

Scenario 2: Group Members have Different Expected Graduation Years

  • Follow group creation steps as listed above in “All group members have the same graduation year.”
  • All members join the group.
  • Group Leader must email Residential Life at requesting that the group be verified. Include:
    • First and Last Names of all group members
    • Name of group and the group password
  • If Residential Life approves the group, an averaged time slot of all group members will be given to