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Phase 3: Room Selection Grouping

Details for Group Leaders Regarding Group Formation

  • Do not create a group more than 6 individuals, as that is the size of the largest apartment available.
  • If undesired individuals somehow obtain the group name and password and add themselves to the group, remove the individual from the group.
  • Check to make sure ALL of the correct group members are in the group and verify the group; if the group is not verified, it is not yet considered an actual group and will not be able to select a room.
  • When you do things that impact the group, members should receive an email to their Fordham email accounts.
  • When individuals choose to enter a group, they enter with the understanding that the group leader is responsible for making many decisions on behalf of all group members. If individuals are unhappy with decisions made by the group leader, the Office of Residential Life will not be able to change group leader decisions.
  • Only the group leader will be able to enter the "Room Search Wizard" to select a room during their timeslot.