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Aug. 10, 2020 Update Fordham Forward, the plan to resume in-person teaching and learning on Aug. 26, is available below, along with extensive resources for students, parents, faculty, and staff. Full Details

Phase 4: Room Selection

Monday, March 9th – Thursday, March 12th 

View Open Rooms via “Browse Available Rooms”

  • During times when Room Selection is not scheduled, group members can view apartments that are currently available by clicking on Browse Available Rooms. This feature will not be available during room selection time slots.
    • Note: group members will NOT be able to enter the “Room Search Wizard.”
  • Select “McMahon Hall” and then on the next page, select the floor that you would like to view. On each floor, you will be able to see what apartments are available for room selection.

Room Selection via “Room Search Wizard”

  1. Read all instructions before beginning!
  2. Select Room Search Wizard
    • Group Leaders ONLY will be able to use the “Room Search Wizard” to select an apartment for their group.
  3. Building Selection
    • You should select McMahon Hall as the residence hall you would like to live in.
  4. Floor Selection
    • SCROLL DOWN. A screen will display what floors still have apartments available. It will not break down the type of apartment (3-, 4- or 6- person apartment). It will only show that apartments are available.
    • Click (once, not twice) on the floor on which you want to live and click “Save and Continue.”
      Please note that all of our apartments only have single and double rooms.
    • Please note that all of our apartments only have single and double rooms.
  5. Apartment Selection
    • SCROLL DOWN. A screen will display all of the apartments available. Therefore, since apartments have multiple bedrooms, multiple lines/rooms will be listed.
    • Select the rooms you want by selecting all of the lines associated with that apartment. Apts. appear: 3 bedroom apt.=3 lines/rooms, each end "1/1"; 4 BR apt.=4 lines/rooms, end "1/1" or "2/2"; 6 BR apt.=6 lines/rooms, each end "2/2"
    • You must select ALL items at once. You DO NOT need to hold the "Shift" or "Ctrl" key to select more than one item; simply click on each item. Then, click “Save & Continue.”
      Example of a 6 person apartment and a 4 person partial apartment.
    • The top box is an example of a 6 person apartment (3 double rooms), while the bottom box is an example of a 4 person partial apartment (1 double room, 2 single rooms)
  6. Assigning Roommates
    • SCROLL DOWN. Once the rooms in an apartment are selected, the Group Leader must assign all group members to a space in the apartment.
    • A screen will display a list of you and all of the group members. Each person will have a drop-down menu that lists all of the bedspaces available. The number of options will match the number of beds in the apartment you selected. You must assign each member of your group to a bedspace and then click "Reserve Beds."
    • Once the group leader has reserved beds, students will be assigned exactly according to the designation. Just like in previous lotteries, the Group Leader’s room selections are final and cannot be changed; you will not be able to reenter the "Room Search Wizard."
      Example of drop down menu and assigning a bed to each roommate.
  7. Final Step: Click Reserve Beds!