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Katherina Fostano - Bio

Katherina is a digital scholarship curator and interdisciplinary researcher with 6 years of experience working in cultural heritage and higher education. She holds Masters degrees in both Art History and Information Science. Her interests lie in enhancing visual and digital literacy while implementing innovative solutions in contemporary learning. Katherina has worked at Fordham for the last 4 years as the Visual and Digital Resources Curator and currently serves as the Digital Resources Director for the Center of Medieval Studies. Her role is to institute, promote, and support new digital-based pedagogies amongst the faculty. This is something that she has accomplished by fostering collaboration between the Library, IT, and the Academic Computing Environment (ACE) at Fordham. This summer Katherina will be traveling to London as part of the Fordham Faculty Research Abroad Program to present her work on Linked Data and Digital Prosopography at the International Symposium on Digital Scholarship. This work is part of her collaborative DH project with Professor Maryanne Kowaleski, Medieval Londoners. Katherina has also collaborated with Professor Barbara Mundy on her seminal DH project, Vistas: Visual Culture in Spanish America, 1520-1820.  Finally, last Fall, Katherina teamed up with Professor Jo Anna Isaak and Artist Carleen Sheehan to create the online digital catalog for the student co-curated exhibition, Art for Arctic’s Sake.