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GSS Administration and Faculty Support

GSS Administration and Faculty Support Contact Information
Assistant Dean Linda White-Ryan 212-636-6605
Director for Academic Excellence and Teaching Innovation, Dana Marlowe 914-367-3106
Director of Faculty Development, Brigitt Keller 212-636-8831
Student Service Coordinator, Johnny Torres 212-636-6606
Director of Operations and Events, Patricia Rodriguez 212-636-6789
Curriculum Areas for Lincoln Center and Westchester Campuses
Curriculum Committee Chair:
Shirley Gatenio-Gabel
Janna Heyman

Domain Chairs:
Practice Area Chair: Laura Wernick
Clinical Area Chair: David Koch
Research Area Chair: Fuhua Zhai
Policy & Human Rights: Carole Cox

SW Practice with Individuals, Groups and Families:
Generalist Practice: Dana Alonzo
Specialist Practice: David Koch
BASW Program Chair: Gregory Acevedo

Westchester Campus Administration and Faculty Support Contact Information
Associate Dean Ji Seon Lee 914-367-3100
Assistant Dean Linda White-Ryan 914-367-3017
Student Service Coordinator, Laura Sutter 914-367-3108
Assistant to the Dean, Kaitlynn Toro 914-367-3113
Online Administration and Faculty Support Contact Information
Senior Director Online Learning, Patricia Heard 914-367-3022
Online Assistant Program Director, Kathleen Rund 914-367-3440
Online Administrative Assistant, Susan Groman 914-367-3024
Online Student Service Coordinator, Steven Aportela 914-367-3506
2U Faculty Support Contact Information
Faculty 877-552-0628
GSS Student Support 855-572-9682
GSE Student Support 855-563-9623