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Research BIAHI

Peer-reviewed publications

Kathleen LaPenta and Jacqueline Reich, “Performative Ethnicity, Embodied Memory and Oral History in Narratives from The Bronx Italian American History Initiative.” Italian American Review, forthcoming Winter 2020.

Kathleen LaPenta and Jacqueline Reich, “Storia orale come metodologia: proposte, problematiche e prognosi.” Arabeschi (Smarginature), no. 10 (2017).

Undergraduate Research

Alison Rini, FCRH '21. "Crossroads: Mapping Narrative Intersections of the Bronx African-American History Project and the Bronx Italian American History Initiative." (Fall 2018). Digital Map made with KnightLab Software (Northwestern University). With support from Undergraduate Research, Fordham College Rose HIll.

Institutional Research Affiliates

Italian Diaspora Seminar, Universita' della Calabria

Cinema Diaspora: The Circulation of “Foreign” Films to Immigrant Enclaves in North America after WWI, Paul Moore, Ph.D., Ryerson University and Jessica Whitehead, Ph.D., University of Toronto

Silvia Dibeltulo, Ph.D. and Daniela Treveri Gennari, Ph.D., Oxford Brookes University in collaboration with Fordham London Research Abroad