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Latino Ministry

Advanced Certificate

Online and On-Campus

GRE, Grad Religion

The Advanced Certificate in Latino Ministry is an advanced credential for those who have an MDiv or it's equivalent and who want to develop their competency to effectively minister to the growing Latino community in the United States.

Through a variety of practical ministry courses, such as Ministry with Latinos and Latino Spirituality, as well as theological courses, such as US Latino Theology, students will be exposed to the faith-life and theology of US Latinos from an ecumenical perspective.

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Curriculum and Courses (12 credits)

  • PMGR 6612 Ministry with Latinos (3 credits) | This course presents a comprehensive introduction to the principal issues related to U.S. Latino Christianities from an ecumenical perspective. The course is divided into three parts: The Landscape of Latinos in the U.S., Latinos and the Churches, and Hispanic Ministries. Among the topics covered are: the history of the principal Latino groups in the U.S. (Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, and Central Americans), the churches' responses to Latinos, parish ministry, youth ministry, the sacraments, popular religiosity, and an introduction to U.S. Latino/Hispanic theology.
  • PMGR 6613 U.S. Latino Theology (3 credits) | This course presents an introduction to the theological output of US Latino theologians from an ecumenical perspective. We begin with an overview of US Latino Theology as a contextual theology and then proceed topically looking at US Latino Catholic theology, U.S. Latina Feminist theology, and US Latino Protestant theology.
  • PMGR 6617 Latino Spirituality (3 credits) | This course presents an introduction to the way Latinos and Latinas live-out their relationship or faith in God or spirituality. While the focus of the course will be on Latino Christian spirituality-both Catholic and Protestant-attention will also be paid to non-Christian Latino spiritualities, especially Santería. We begin with an overview of the variety of spiritualities practiced by Latinos and Latinas and then proceed topically looking at popular Catholicism, the Latino celebration of the sacraments, Marian devotion (especially to Our Lady of Guadalupe), New Ecclesial Movements (especially the Charismatic Renewal and the Neo-Catechumenal Way, Mainline Latino Protestant spirituality, and Latino Pentecostalism.
  • PMGR 6618 Hispanic Family Ministry and Catechesis (3 credits) | Latinas/os are a deeply religious, and their way of experiencing God and life is often different from that the U.S. mainstream culture. This course will study the lived reality of U.S. Hispanic families. It will challenge participants to critically reflect, analyze and articulate in what ways family ministry and family catechesis is embodied in families and faith communities today; to explore what helps or hinders religious development within families, and the responsibility of church and society to foster growth in faith; to explore experientially based frameworks for ministering with Latino communities; and to nuance their role as religious educators. Our conversation partners will include the writings of U.S. Hispanic theologians and religious educators

Admissions Requirements

All those who have a Master's in Divinity or it's equivalent may apply. For full details on how to apply, please visit our Application Requirements page.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

See our Gainful Employment Disclosure page.