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Recent Updates Fordham offices remain staffed and operating remotely. The University has released its plan, Fordham Forward, to resume in-person teaching and learning for the Fall semester. Full Details

Areas of Specialization

Amy Aronson

Amy Aronson
Martino Hall 701
Media Studies, Magazines, Feminity, Masculinity

Anirban Baishya

Anirban Baishya
Martino Hall 714
Digital Cultures, Cinema Studies, and Surveillance

Jesse Baldwin-Philippi

Jessica Baldwin-Philippi
Faculty Memorial Hall 434
Civic Participation, Citizenship, Social Media

Garrett Broad

Garrett Broad
Faculty Memorial Hall 432
Food Justice, Sustainability, Animal Rights

Jennifer Clark

No Picture
Martino Hall 710
Television, Female Celebrity, Representation

Gregory Donovan

Gregory T. Donovan
Martino Hall 713
Social Justice, Smart Urbanism, Access

Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes
Faculty Memorial Hall 437
Press Criticism and Media Ethics/Law; First Amendment

Mathias Klang

Mathias Klang
Faculty Memorial Hall 438
Digital Activism, Privacy, Tech Impact

Beth Knobel

Beth Knobel
Faculty Memorial Hall 436A
Journalism, Watchdog Journalism, TV Production

Paul Levinson

Faculty Memorial Hall 453
Politics in Media, Popular Culture, Media Ethics

Brandy Monk-Payton

Brandy monk payton
Faculty Memorial Hall 435
Black Film and Media Cultures, Television Studies, Celebrity

Jennifer Moorman

Jennifer moorman
Faculty Memorial Hall 451
Gender, Sexuality, Queer Theory, Film/TV

Sharif Mowlabocus

Sharif mowlabocus
Martino Hall 717
Sexuality and Media Studies, Identity

Meenasarani Murugan

Martino Hall 711
Gender, Popular Music, Fashion

Jacqueline Reich

Jacqueline Reich
Faculty Memorial Hall 430
Film History, Star Studies, Italian Cinema

Margaret Schwartz

Margaret Schwartz
Martino Hall 703
Feminism, Embodiment, Communication Ethics.

Lance Strate

Lance Strate
Faculty Memorial Hall 434a
Media Ecology, Tech., Popular Culture

Ralph Vacca

Vacca 1
Martino Hall 716
Mental Health, Data Literacy, Participatory Design

Tim Wood

Wood biopic 1
Faculty Memorial Hall 452
Promotional Culture, Corporate Political Advocacy