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M.A. in Religious Education, Youth and Young Adult Ministry

36 Credits | Online

Beginning with the guidelines for the formation of lay ecclesial ministers outlined in Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord, the MA in Religious Education, Youth and Young Adult Ministry program addresses students' needs for human and personal formation, spiritual formation, intellectual formation, and pastoral formation.

Students choose from among courses in community, family and religious education; curriculum and religious education; adult learning and development and other areas of religious education and pastoral studies. Students are asked to direct their studies in either religious education or pastoral studies as they prepare for a career path as either religious education/catechesis with youth and young adults in parishes, schools, college and university campuses, and dioceses or Jesuit volunteer corps members.


Core Requirements:

(3 courses, 9 credits)

  • REGR 6840 Youth and Young Adults
  • REGR 6841 Special Questions: Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • REGR 6188 Religious Education and Human Development

Other Requirements:

In addition to the other courses, to complete the MA in Religious Education, Youth and Young Adult Ministry entirely online, students must meet these additional requirements:

Additional Religious Education Requirement:

(1 course, 3 credits)

  • REGR 6632 Moral Education and Development

Religious Studies Requirement:

(8 Courses, 24 credits)

  • 1 course in Old Testament
  • 1 course in New Testament
  • 6 courses in Religious Studies (courses to be taken in the areas of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Pastoral Studies/Ministry, and Spirituality)

Major Paper Required

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