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Holistic Student Development

Goal 1: Fuse tradition with innovation in order to prepare students eager and able to reshape the world.

Teaching and Learning Infused with Ethics and JusticeThe Inspiration and Challenge of New York CityA Diverse and Inclusive CommunityA Strategic and Agile Institution

Jesuit Catholic education is grounded in tradition, in the perennial questions about meaning, purpose, and character that inspired Ignatius of Loyola and his companions. And yet it is also fully adaptable—indeed, it cries out to be adapted—to the needs of every new moment in history. Today, Fordham’s schools and colleges are distinctively feeling the demands of new circumstances and new communities of learners. We dare to ask what it means to accompany our students as persons of inherent worth and dignity. The answer is both to refashion Ignatian pedagogy to come face to face with the world as it is, and to form students of character and courage who have the tools and the aspiration to shape the world into what it should become.

Objective 1A: Redesign undergraduate curricula to form students who are curious reflective, discerning, and attentive to diversity and social justice.

Objective 1B: Accompany students as whole persons, providing wraparound support to meet every student's distinctive hopes and needs.

Objective 1C: Continue developing a diverse faculty engaged in student-centered learning, actively inovlved in research, and committed to mission