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Goal 2: Excel across the natural, the applied sciences, and associated fields to responsibly engage 21st-century technologies to advance the human condition.

Teaching and Learning Infused with Ethics and JusticeStrategically Focused ResearchA Global PerspectiveA Strategic and Agile Institution

The enterprise of research embodies what we call “bothered excellence”—in its quest for facts, its dedication to truth, and its belief in the relationship between the production of new knowledge and the advancement of the common good. Our strategic priority, Strategically Focused Research, challenged the University to designate areas of research as strategic foci, and through this goal, we seek to develop one such area: Fordham’s work in and around the natural and applied sciences. 

We set this goal believing firmly that academic achievement related to science is not limited only to those who work in laboratories. Scientific innovation is fueled by, and helps shape, questions and discoveries across all the disciplines. We will therefore invest in science inclusively, meeting the particularly pressing needs of students and faculty in the scientific disciplines while at the same time not defining our engagement with science narrowly and robustly embracing Fordham’s mission-driven commitment to ask questions of ethics and value across all fields of human endeavor.

Objective 2A: Launch innovative programming to advance teaching and research across the sciences.

Objective 2B: Invest in areas of scientific research and scholarship where Fordham is positioned to make a distinctive mark.

Objective 2C: Build adaptable infrastructure critical to conducting science in the 21st century.