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Walking with Our Community

Goal 3: Walk with our surrounding communities by building mutual partnerships, creating new knowledge, and providing broader access to a Fordham education.

Teaching and Learning Infused with Ethics and JusticeStrategically Focused ResearchThe Inspiration and Challenge of New York CityA Diverse and Inclusive CommunityA Strategic and Agile Institution

Our city is a place tailor-made for those who seek the magis. As a world capital, New York is a landscape breathtaking in its complexity and restlessness, a place where economic, political and cultural forces converge and clash as nowhere else. It is not for nothing, therefore, that Fordham students and faculty proclaim that “New York is my campus.” 

The city’s vitality, its multiplicity, and the way it remains itself while constantly in flux are all qualities that challenge our students to develop their skills alongside their sense of identity and purpose. They cherish opportunities to interact with and learn alongside charitable, business, governmental, scientific, and arts organizations and their leaders. Faculty, too, value the connections they are able to forge with museums, community groups, corporate partners, foundations, research laboratories, and other institutions of higher learning. We seek to enable Fordham to deepen even further the connections that we have already built across all of New York’s major sectors which distinctively prepare our students for leadership in bustling urban settings like our own.

Objective 3A: Contribute to positive change and social justice through targeted scholarship programs and community-engaged learning involving students and faculty.

Objective 3B: Shape and energize consortia that connect Fordham students and faculty with local institutions and with each other.