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The Inspiration and Challenge of New York City

Fordham’s main campuses are located in the heart of the most international city in the United States, the only U.S. metropolis among the world’s ten largest megacities. We believe there is no better place on earth to learn and grow. But our location must stand for something more than proximity to opportunity, no matter how rich and exciting those opportunities may be. Our cleareyed appraisals of New York’s present challenges and compassionate solutions for its future are urgently needed.

Fordham must embed itself even deeper in the fabric of New York, define and promote its relationships with the city in distinctive ways, and be the voice of expertise and empathy for the growing number of disenfranchised residents by:

  • Deepening student engagement with New York City and the metropolitan region
  • Learning from and contribute to the development of our surrounding neighborhoods

The Inspiration and Challenge of New York City

Related School and Division Specific Initiatives

Arts and Sciences

  • Foster the growth of faculty scholarship and teaching by advancing faculty renewal, development, and retention.

Diversity Action Plan

  • Expand mentoring programs our neighboring elementary, middle, and high schools of the Bronx and Manhattan.

Fordham College at Lincoln Center

  • Increase student retention.
  • Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Further ""Re-imagining Arts and Sciences.”
  • Support Faculty and Student Research.
  • Increase partnerships with Manhattan cultural institutions / curricular engagement with NYC.
  • Increase collaboration with professional schools (e.g., Gabelli, Law School, School of Education) to bolster opportunities for accelerated or dual degree programs.
  • Increase study abroad / global engagement.
  • Increase alumni engagement.
  • Heighten visibility of FCLC.

Fordham College at Rose Hill

  • Create an Integrated Academic Experience for FCRH Students.
  • Advance and Support STEM and Pre-Health.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

  • Advance knowledge creation that shapes the global conversation.
  • Promote student research, scholarship, and professional development.
  • Foster catalytic partnerships.

Graduate School of Education

  • Enhance revenue through fee-for-service programming, and special cohort-based programming.
  • Expand community-based partnerships in order both to give and learn from the community in our pursuit of educational excellence.

Graduate School of Social Service

  • Employ 21st century models of reaching, learning and practice.
  • Develop new partnerships that increase community engagement.

Mission Priority Examen

  • Significantly improve the program in Service Learning.

School of Law

  • Anticipate the demands of a changing legal profession.
  • Deepen our commitment to service.