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COVID-19 Emergency FAQ for Students

Updated: May 12, 2020

Are all residence halls scheduled to close and are all students being asked to move home?
Yes, per the President’s March 13 announcement and later more specific updates from the Division of Student Affairs. Due to the ongoing and escalating global health emergency, the University made the difficult decision to close all residence halls and require students to depart by Friday, March 20. At this time, only a handful of students with severe personal circumstances and staff who make their permanent home on campus are in residence at Rose Hill or at Lincoln Center in compliance with New York State’s orders.

Who should I call in an emergency?
Please call Public Safety at 718-817-2222 24/7 in any emergency.

Were any exceptions to the move-out directive made?
Yes, but exceptions had to be minimal to mitigate the very serious safety risks associated with this health emergency in the City of New York. As staffing on the campus in critical areas is also being affected now to reduce community transmission and in compliance with New York State's orders, continued residence by students had to be radically reduced to only the very small number assessed with severe personal circumstances, essential ongoing roles on campus, severe travel difficulty, and/or no other home to which they could return.

Are allowances being made for international students?
Yes, but these exceptions also had to be minimal and were assessed on a case-by-case basis. Staff have been working individually with students to assess their specific circumstances since the moment that the March 13 announcement went out to the community. The vast majority of international students have cooperated very helpfully with these necessary health measures. No students were sent home to dangerous conditions. Any students continuing to need assistance are asked to contact or immediately or call the Department of Public Safety at 718-817-2222 24/7 in any emergency, including illness.

We received the President’s notification of March 21 canceling the planned move-out process. What will happen with our belongings?
At this time, the University is simply securing the residence halls and allowing only students to retrieve critically necessary items. Resident belongings will be secure in the residence halls until the emergency passes and New York State rescinds the order that required the University to cancel the planned move out after March 30. An orderly process spaced out over an extended period is being devised for move-out of belongings left in residence halls since departure before/during spring break. This process must be carefully designed to maximize prudent social distancing requirements increasingly mandated by local, state, and federal governments. Please wait for permission/confirmation of your slot before returning to campus for belongings. We must also cap move-out dates and pace this process for your and your community’s safety. Our Residential Life staff have long experience opening and closing our residential communities, but there is no playbook for this process under these unique conditions-- we appreciate your understanding and patience for the safety limits we are designing.

Will there be on-campus storage options?
Limited on-campus storage will again be available for Rose Hill resident students returning to housing for the next academic year, but we await further updates from New York state to provide instruction on next steps/sign-up.

What offices and services are open on campus?
As resident students have been reduced radically on campus to prevent transmission and in keeping with New York State’s order to non-essential businesses, non-profits, and workers, offices have moved mainly to remote work, but are available via phone and email. Please note that the Office of Residential Life is currently managing the cancellation of the March 30 Move-Out and may be slightly delayed in response. For more information, use the following links or phone numbers:

24/7 in an emergency or for after-hours medical assistance, call Public Safety at 718-817-2222.

  • Office of Disability Services
    Rose Hill: 718-817-0655
    Lincoln Center: 212-636-6282

  • Counseling and Psychological Services
    Rose Hill: 718-817-3725
    Lincoln Center: 212-636-6225

    Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) remains more committed than ever to supporting your mental and emotional health during these unprecedented and challenging times. Despite the physical closures of our offices, our dedicated team of psychologists, counselors and psychiatrists are still available to provide a range of clinical services for our students by phone or video-conferencing.

    To schedule an initial screening or virtual "walk-in" appointment, please contact us at 718-817-3725 (Rose Hill & Westchester) or 212-636-6225 (Lincoln Center). If you are already receiving services at CPS, please continue to remain in contact with your assigned counselor. For more information about our services, hours and resources, please visit our website at 

  • University Transportation (Ram Van)

  • Career Services
    Rose Hill: 718-817-4350
    Lincoln Center: 212-636-6280

  • Dining Services
    All locations are closed until further notice

Will Room Selection be interrupted?
Room Selection has proceeded as scheduled. Please find updated information for Rose Hill and for Lincoln Center. If you have any questions, please contact for Rose Hill and for Lincoln Center.

Will I receive a partial refund since the University had to close its residence halls and dining services venues?
4.6.2020 Update: please visit THIS LINK for more information on partial refunds for Spring room, board, and selected fees.

Will on-campus housing be available this summer per usual?
While it is too early to announce plans for summer housing, we are carefully monitoring changing circumstances in New York State and will be in touch as soon as possible with updates. 4.2.20 UPDATE: in light of circumstances, please note that previously published summer housing deadlines are tentative and that updates will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

Can I come to campus if I am a commuter?
In compliance with New York State’s order to non-essential businesses, non-profits, and workers, faculty and staff that are not categorized as “essential” must remain at home and offices have moved to remote work. In light of this, commuter students should use the contacts in this FAQ to contact services offices for any needs rather than come to campus. Commuter students who rented a locker in the McGinley Campus Center or in the Lowenstein building may leave their belongings in the lockers until the university re-opens, and we will contact you when that happens. If you need to access the lockers before this date, please email or

What do I need to know as I continue residence on campus?
Though few remain in housing assignments here on campus, we will need your cooperation and assistance for you and all remaining residents and staff to be safe during this period of reduced staffing and the health crisis affecting our city. Those still living here and accessing campus for services, please play your part by avoiding:

  • local and other travel unless it is critically necessary (especially during rush hour);

  • ANY unnecessary social gatherings or locations that will expose you to substantial numbers of others, some are likely at this stage to be symptomless carriers of COVID-19;

  • ANY contact with anyone who may or is suspected to be ill;

  • ANY contact with anyone who has been or suspects that they may have been exposed to sick individuals;

  • ANY guests (non-Fordham guests are not permitted on campus and guest sign-in is no longer permitted in residence halls including Belmont Community Housing).

We urge you to pay close attention to the guidance not only from Fordham that will come to you over the next days and weeks, but also to any guidance from the city and state. In addition, please pay close attention as well to any communication from job or internship sites-- this may assist in reducing travel and increasing social distance. Your careful attention to this rapidly-changing information will make any other measures-- such as closure of your residence hall/apartment-- much less likely by keeping this health emergency from cropping up on our campus and in our buildings.

To whom can I direct general questions and contact for assistance?
Rose Hill: Christopher Rodgers, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students 718-817-4755;
Lincoln Center: Keith Eldredge, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students 212-636-6250;

Offices of Residential Life
Rose Hill: 718-817-3080;
Lincoln Center: 212-636-7100;

Offices for Student Involvement
Rose Hill: 718-817-4339;
Lincoln Center: 212-636-6250;