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ARS Nova Digital Showcase 2020

Bee in flower garden

Hailey Arango
Beyond Beekeeping

Carmen Borca-Carrillo

Carmen Borca-Carillo
Convincing Spanish-ness: The Folklorico on Film 

Zebrafish brain co-stained with kcc2 and synaptotagmin

Jessica Caushi
Elucidating the Epigenetic map of kcc2

Margaret Cohen, ARS Nova

Margaret Cohen
The Role of School Social Workers in Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities through Attitudes and Beliefs

V5 immunostaining of a stage 12 fried-V5 transgenic embryo using TRITC

Daniela Diaz
Expression Analysis of Drosophila Fried/HEATR2 in fried-v5 Transgenic Lines

Children in dance class

Francesca Flamminio
The Impact of Dance Education in Post-conflict Communities: A Case Study of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Daily life at sun spirit farm

Chloe Griffith
Plant Intelligence and Ethnobotany: A Study of Cultural Beliefs Individually Defined by Sustainable Farmers and Indigenous Peoples of the United States

Lydia Hallett

Lydia Hallett
Composting in Manhattan

Lady Victory blueprint from Indianapolis Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument

Stone Hocker
Competitive Growth: How Indianapolis is Facing the Global Urban Hierarchy of Cities

Candida egg cocoons

Royall McMahon Ward
Patterns of Flatworm (Bdelloura candida) infestation in the American Horseshoe Crab

Sally Mo

Sally Mo
Being Gaysian in New York

Claire Mondry

Claire Mondry
How to Cook and Eat in Chinese: American Chinese Cookbooks as Guides for Authenticity

Otto Ohlendorf

Caroline Morris
The United States of America versus Otto Ohlendorf, et al.: Post-War Justice in Germany

campus ministry, retreat

Emma Quinn
Founding a New American at the New York Foundling Hospital: Catholic Institutions and Identity 1850-1900

Chart showing sentiment analysis of tweets

Brandon Roy
Sentiment Analysis on Tweets Using Machine Learning and Combinatorial Fusion

Womens razor

Charles Scheland
Assessing Pink-Tax Variations and Price Discrimination

Notes from composition of a play

Sophia Swettenham
From Page to Stage: Transforming Elizabeth Smart’s Poetic Prose into Theatre

Teresa Travnicek

Teresa Travnicek
Health Indicators in Sexual Identity Development: An Exploratory Study of Sexual Identity, Stress, Social Support, and Biomarkers in First-Year College Students

Painting of dance improvisation

Lauren-Frances Wood
Conscious and Subconscious Qualities of Movement