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Recent Updates Fordham campuses remain physically closed per New York Pause, but all offices are staffed and operating remotely. Full Details

The Year Ahead

Our Fundamental Commitment

Fordham will be fully in session throughout the academic year 2020-2021. To the greatest extent that the public health situation permits, we seek to teach our students in person and on campus. While we cannot make accurate predictions today about the state of the virus in the months ahead, we are proceeding with all the necessary planning for safely restarting Fordham’s on-campus operations. However, if on-campus operations are disrupted by the pandemic, our fundamental commitment is to continue providing an outstanding, transformative Jesuit education without interruption and without any sacrifice of quality.

Academic Calendar

The first day of Fall semester classes for all undergraduate programs and the majority of graduate programs remains August 26, 2020. Both our students and faculty broadly cautioned against major changes to the academic calendar, especially when the course of the COVID-19 pandemic is uncertain and unpredictable.

Teaching and Learning

Beginning in the Falll semester, nearly every course at Fordham will adopt a flexible hybrid learning environment. This means that course elements that primarily involve the presentation of ideas or independent learning will be designed ahead of time and delivered asynchronously, for students to access on demand. Interactive components, such as discussions and small group meetings, will take place synchronously, in real time, and will be taught in intensive, personalized ways.

We believe that, intrinsically, there are benefits to methods of teaching and learning that prioritize interaction and enable students to work through lectures and other forms of knowledge acquisition on their own time, but additionally, they will allow the University to limit classroom capacity and pivot between in-class and remote instruction as needed.

Preparing for a Restart
In preparation, Fordham is currently engaged in intense planning to be ready to implement a set of measures and protocols to safely restart all three of our New York Metropolitan-Area campuses when the time is right. A steering committee and thirteen working groups are working to oversee and coordinate our plans for re-opening.

Timing of Campus Reopening
The plan to reopen Fordham's campuses will adopt a phased approach, beginning from our current phase where all but essential employees work remotely, to a final phase where the institution’s standard operations can once again occur fully on campus, but the restart of Fordham University must and will conform with the Governor’s plan to restart New York. 

Students in Lincoln Campus Plaza

Summer Sessions 2020 and 2021

Learning during the summer has been very popular among our students this year. In the coming months, all courses during Summer Sessions 1, 2, and 3 will be taught online in order to comply with ongoing New York State guidelines.

We are offering an extended set of summer courses in Summer Session 2021, which will enable those students who join us in January 2021 to catch up. Summer Session 2021 will also feature more robust programming for co-curricular activity and community engagement.

Student Community Building

Group of Students Sitting on Stairs
Students told us that they missed more than anything else the opportunity to create and live in communities with one another. These feelings of isolation and disconnection are shared widely, and they have a negative impact on our students’ ability to succeed in their academic work. Fordham will therefore create a new set of engaging, virtual activities and opportunities to enable our students to learn with and from one another, even at a distance.

This summer, we will implement an expanded set of academic and personal development activities for incoming students. Virtual at first, and then in-person when we are able to return to campus, these structured small communities will provide a source of interpersonal connection to nourish and sustain our students at a time of uncertainty and disruption. The virtual communities will include select upperclass students as mentors, and the graduate and professional schools will be invited to explore approaches that would work for their own circumstances.

Further Updates and Communications

We will post brief updates by end-of-business each Friday and will inform the community as soon as we know the contours of how we will proceed with the first day of fall classes on August 26.