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Gabelli Forward


Introducing Gabelli Forward — Inspired by Innovation, Informed by Research, Driven by Purpose

Welcome to a new way to learn with the Gabelli School of Business! Gabelli Forward is a no-cost, interactive learning series that invites you to join in topical discussions on various business-related topics from our world-class faculty and high-ranking industry experts, through digital webinar sessions. Elevate your skills, learn something new, and stay on top of the trends shaping the future of business with Gabelli Forward.

Check out our schedule, and be sure to register for any of our upcoming sessions below.

Previous Sessions

March 22, 2021 | Bias in Science: Strategies to Eliminate Gender and Race-Based Discrimination in Science and Public Policy

Host Session Description

Clarence Ball III
Director of GSB Diversity, Equity, Inclusion board
Lecturer, Communications and Media Management

Chaitra Nagaraja
Associate Professor of Strategy and Statistics

Mar 22, 2021 7:00 p.m EST

Bias in Science: Strategies to Eliminate Gender and Race-Based Discrimination in Science and Public Policy

In this fireside chat for Women's History Month, Prof. Chaitra Nagaraja, PhD will talk with DEI Dir. Clarence E. Ball III about bias and discrimination in science and public policy with examples that occur in every day life from medicine to criminal justice, emphasizing the impact on women and people of color. This conversation will connect historical cases with contemporary issues that affect our present day society and how data can be used in the future for a positive way to reduce bias and discrimination.

February 3, 2021 | GameStop: Comedy? Tragedy? or Both?

Host Panelists Session Description

Introduction by Dean Donna Rapaccioli

Sris Chatterjee
Gabelli Chair in Global Security Analysis
Professor, Finance and Business Economics

James Russell Kelly
Director of the Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis

Kevin Mirabile
Clinical Associate Professor
Finance and Business Economics

Steven Raymar
Associate Professor and Area Chair
Finance and Business Economics

GameStop: Comedy? Tragedy? or Both?

The recent chaotic trading in GameStop and a few other similar stocks with high short interest, raises many questions which need to be addressed including: life cycle of a short squeeze, behavioral anomalies, technology unleashed, speculation vs. fundamental security analysis, risk management, regulation, free market trading and others. This one hour panel discussion will address these issues in search of a better understanding before the game ends.

September 24th, 2020 | COVID-19's Macroeconomic Impact: Past, Present, and Future

Host Panelists Session Description

John Finnerty
John Finnerty, Professor, Finance and Business Economics

James R. Lothian James R. Lothian, Distinguished Professor, Toppeta Family Chair in Global Financial Markets, Professor of Finance and Business Economics

Moderated by: Dean Donna Rapaccioli, Dean of the Gabelli School of Business


COVID-19's Macroeconomic Impact: Past, Present, and Future

With a global pandemic still running its course, its economic impact to date and the uncertainty that surrounds the economy going forward, how has the unusually accommodative fiscal and monetary policies moderated the pandemic's economic effects in the U.S.? Join our panel discussion where distinguished panelists will explain the apparent disconnect between the behavior of the stock market and the state of the economy, offer some opinions on which policies may have worked better than others, and provide thoughts on what lies ahead.

September 17th, 2020 | Advertising Today: Keeping Brands in Touch in a Touchless Society

Host Panelists Session Description

Linda luca
Linda Luca, Adjunct Marketing Instructor & Former EVP at McCann-Erikson


Stacey Lesser: Chief Strategic Officer, Merkley+Partners

Amy Luca: President and Head of International at Collectively, Inc.

Lynne Reilly: EVP, Global Chief Growth Officer for UM Worldwide

Advertising Today: Keeping Brands in Touch in a Touchless Society

When advertising is effective, it builds powerful Brands by connecting Brands to their consumers and telling the Brand story in a fresh, relevant and empathetic voice. In 2020, every aspect of a consumer's life has been touched and disrupted in unimaginable ways. How do advertisers adapt, adjust and remain authentic? Join our panel discussion and learn from leaders in advertising, influencer marketing and the media industry as they discuss how they are helping clients navigate their Brands in these uncertain times.

Watch Advertising Today: Keeping Brands in Touch in a Touchless Society

August 13th | Marketing to the Socially Distanced Consumer

Host Panelists Session Description

Sertan Kabadayi, Professor of Marketing

Ryan MacInnis: Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

Pat Butkus: Director of Acquisition Marketing, Discovery

Mollie Vandor: Product Director, Audience at The New York Times

Marketing to the Socially Distanced Consumer

Our customers have gone from commuting to cities and congregating in offices to homeschooling children while juggling their professional lives. With this change in behavior, the best marketers are shaping their strategies to understand and acquire customers no matter where they are. In this panel, you'll hear from experts in fashion, media, and technology on how their customers are changing, and how they're roles are evolving to help their business grow during COVID-19.

August 10, 2020 | The Sports Business in the Wake of Covid-19 — the Future of a Once Recession-Proof Business

Host Session Description

Mark Conrad, Associate Professor of Law and Ethics Director, Sports Business Concentration

The Sports Business in the Wake of Covid-19 — the Future of a Once Recession-Proof Business

Through economic expansions and recessions, there was one constant -- that professional sports leagues and franchises increased revenues and teams increased their value. Much the same could be said in the Olympics and in collegiate sports. With the Covid-19 pandemic, this has been called into question. One estimate shows that baseball franchise values decreasing and it is likely that teams in other sports will remain flat at the very least. This short discussion will examine how Covid is affecting various stakeholders in the sports business and the likelihood that professional and amateur sports will regain their footing in the year to come.

July 27, 2020 | Globalization During a Pandemic

Host Panelists Session Description

David Gautschi, Joseph Keating S.J. Professor of Marketing and Business Economics, Dean Emeritus

David Lampton: Professor Emeritus and former Hyman Professor and Director of SAIS-China and China Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Jonathan Story: Emeritus Professor of International Political Economy and the Shell Fellow in Economic Transformation, Emeritus at INSEAD

David C Nagel: Executive Vice President, BP (retired), and co-founder Forum2100

Globalization During a Pandemic

In the early 1990s, the establishment of the WTO replaced a series of GATT protocols that expanded international trade and ushered in an era of 'globalization' that became a moniker for the global political economy of the ensuing decades. During this time, the U.S., China and Europe implemented structural changes to adapt to the opportunities presented by the new international trade regime. The consequences of the new globalized world of business appear to be a mixture of remarkably sustained economic growth of developed economies and emerging economies alike, yet with accompanying wealth disparities especially within the most developed economies in Europe and the U.S. Now the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted trade flows, threatened supply chains, confused the capital markets, and imposed significant pressures on states to take measures to keep their respective economies afloat. The questions that we seek to address are whether and how these disruptions will alter the systems that enable or govern international trade and business activity, generally, with particular attention to the perspectives of the U.S., Europe, and China. We shall also address the origins, alternative concepts, and evolution of globalization and its influence on the conduct of business.

Watch Globalization During a Pandemic

July 9, 2020 | Anti-Racism and Allyship in the 21st Century - Essential Tools for Creating a Community for Change

Host Panelists Session Description

Clarence E. Ball II, Lecturer of Communications & Media Management, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Gabelli School of Business

Mandell Crawley: Managing Director & Head of Private Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley, GSB '09

Bliss Griffin: National Diversity & Inclusion Strategist at Actors' Equity Union, GSB '19

Lesley Massiah-Arthur: Associate Vice President for Government Relations and Urban Affairs at Fordham University

Kareem Peat: Director of Title IX at Fordham University

Ashlee Davis, PhD: Supervising Psychologist-Coordinator for Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Initiatives at Fordham University

Anti-Racism and Allyship in the 21st Century - Essential Tools for Creating a Community for Change

Gabelli Forward is proud to partner with The Gabelli School's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on this incredibly important session. It is our goal at the Gabelli School, that by actively engaging in anti-racist work, and sharing our learnings across our community, we can truly collaborate to create a more equitable and inclusive environment. Through critical anti-racist work with Fortune 500 companies, top-raking diverse administrators and alumni, we've garnered some expert tips and best practices that we'd like to share. Our panelists collectively have a wealth of experience that spans the following disciplines: Psychology, Human Resources, Title IX, DEI Strategy and Finance. We invite all participants to join us as we work together to build the bridges that will end the racial divide in our community, and society at large.

Watch Anti-Racism and Allyship in the 21st Century - Essential Tools for Creating a Community for Change

June 30, 2020 | Healthcare in the Time of COVID-19

Host Panelists Session Description

Falguni Sen, head of Fordham's Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center.

Anthony Viceroy: CEO of Westmed Medical Group.

Susan Fox:  President & CEO of White Plains Hospital.

Jeffrey A. Meckler: CEO and Vice Chairman of Intec Pharma, Ltd.

Healthcare in the Time of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has put extraordinary pressures on the healthcare industry. Planning for therapeutic and prophylactic responses have been fraught with grave uncertainties relating to the complex nature of this virus. Join us in a conversation with leading practitioners as they share their experiences.

Watch Healthcare in the Time of COVID-19