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Members of the University community should respond to the daily VitalCheck prompt at least 30 minutes prior to entering campus.

Research Continuity

Students in science labFordham University has completed the guidelines for university libraries and research lab safety to allow faculty and students to return to research laboratories and libraries to continue their research.

All faculty, students, and staff, who have been prescreened through our telehealth program, VitalCheck, are allowed to return to their research labs as part of Phase Four of New York State's reopening plan. New York City entered Phase Four on July 20. Fordham Libraries will be open to all faculty, students, and staff in advance of the start of classes.

The guidelines have been developed using the governing principles of safety, fairness, privacy, and volunteerism. They have addressed issues with respect to COVID-related safety measures, such as screening and testing, tracking, training, procedural stages, physical distancing, PPE, sanitation, information distribution, and supervision as follows.

  •  Implement procedural phases that align with Fordham's reopening phases
  • Verify and ensure that appropriate PPE is available, including gloves, disposable lab coats, face coverings, and safety goggles/glasses for research labs.
  • Provide sanitizing wipes, hand cleansers, and supplies for interim cleaning of service desks and equipment.
  • Maintain the six-foot distancing protocols and remove tables and chairs from the University libraries. Group study rooms, elevators, lavatories, staff rooms, and lobbies will have signs indicating maximum capacity.
  • Appoint a responsible staff/faculty in each department to respond to any concerns or issues with compliance to these guidelines that are brought forward. Public Safety officers and library staff will assume primary responsibility to enforce and address safety measures in the libraries.