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Matteo Ricci: Scholars' Support Seminar

The Matteo Ricci Seminar is a distinguished honor seminar open to high academic performers at Fordham. Students are invited to join based on their academic success during freshman year, and on an ongoing basis throughout their college careers.

Students who have been invited to join the Matteo Ricci Seminar are encouraged to enter into prestigious fellowship competitions. They receive individual attention as they prepare their applications. Ricci Scholars meet regularly and are mentored by noted alumni and distinguished faculty. The Matteo Ricci Fellowship can provide funding for certain approved summer research opportunities and prominent internships.

kathryn, matteo, ricci, scholar

Kathryn Echele

"Hello, my name is Kathryn Echele. I am an International
Studies and Political Science double major and Arabic minor
from St. Louis, Missouri. I dream of becoming a diplomat in
pursuit of a more equitable, peaceful world."




alyssa, matteo, ricci, scholar

Alyssa Cortez Peralta

"I am an Economics major, and I hope to pursue a master's
in Behavioral economics. Originally from Chicago, my goal
is to create Economic policy that serves marginalized
communities like my own."




alyssa, matteo, ricci, scholar

Emmeline Brzeczek

"I am here at Fordham University pursuing both Psychology
and Spanish with a concentration in American Catholic Studies.
I hope to attend law school in the future and consequently
practice constitutional or criminal law. Ultimately, I would love
the opportunity to work as a legal consultant for the FBI or
perhaps even serve as a Supreme Court Justice (you can
never dream too big, right?)"


jackson, matteo, ricci, scholar

Jackson Lewis

"I am a Theatre Performance major from Agoura Hills,
California, and I want to focus on making community
engagement accessible to as broad a spectrum of peoples
as possible. Much of my passion comes from acting,
music, written and spoken word, and the idea of using the
product of inspiration as a source of change."


ava, matteo, ricci, scholar

Ava Wiener

"I am a Psychology major here at Fordham, born and raised
in Central New Jersey (yes, it does exist!). I am driven by
two primary goals: to give back to those in need and to
participate in the creation of change required for a more just,
peaceful, and sustainable world. I aim to attend law school
in hopes of practicing either criminal or human rights law."


tweedie, matteo, ricci, scholarZeke Tweedie

"I am from Denver, Colorado, and I'm studying English at
Fordham. After I leave Fordham, I want to go to law school,
and have a career in law and public policy, where I think I
can be the most useful in standing up for marginalized peoples'
rights and interests."


matteo, ricci, scholar

Naimal Chisti

" I hope to become someone who brings up smiles on faces
that haven't felt the happiness they need to feel. I am a
Political Science and a Humanitarian Studies double major from
Brooklyn, New York. My goal is to go to law school to become
an International Humanitarian Lawyer and create my own
non-profit organization for disadvantaged people, refugees,
orphans, and the homeless. Everyone is welcome to my
future organization!"

matteo ricci, scholar

Alyssa Macaluso

" One of my favorite quotes is "We are creatures of stories.
We are the stories we tell. We're the stories we're told." I think
listening toand sharing stories is essential to human nature,
and I want to participate in the collection and dissemination
of people's stories. As an American Studies major and Spanish
and Creative Writing double minor, I will acquire the tools to
become a better storyteller."


catherine, matteo, ricci, scholar

Catherine Chung

" I am a Classical Languages and English double major,
working towards becoming a professor and making higher
education more accessible. As a lover of language as a medium
for both expression and connection, I have a passion for hearing
new thoughts and ideas and understanding the personalities
behind the beliefs."



matteo, ricci, scholar

Natalia Zabala

"My name is Natalia Zabala and I am the daughter of two
Colombian immigrants, studying anthropology and political
science at Fordham College Lincoln Center. My chosen areas
of study help me explore conflict within peoples and between
peoples, from culture to politics. These interests drive my
academic goals as well as my one important personal goal of
learning every day of my life and applying my knowledge to
better myself and the world around me."

matteo, ricci, scholar

Kyleigh Mogilewski

"My name is Kyleigh Mogilewski, and I am a New Media &
Digital Design major and Disability Studies minor. I hope to
create and advocate for accessible technology and applications
that can be used by anyone. In the future, I hope to become
an ASL interpreter or attend graduate school for UX/UI design
or HCI, where I can focus on inclusive design."



matteo, ricci, scholar

Liam Gray                  

"I am a Chinese Studies major here at Fordham. I plan on attending
law school after graduation after which I hope to facilitate business
and relations between the United States and China. Eventually, I
would like to work in D.C. under the state department, focusing
on foreign policy and trade."



matteo, ricci, scholar

Eric Schneider

"My name is Eric Schneider and I am currently an
International Studies major at Fordham College at Lincoln
Center. I am very passionate about public service and politics
and hope to join that sphere later in life. My main goal in life
is to help people and allow people to thrive as individuals no
matter what."