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Fordham Forward FAQs for Student Testing and Quarantine


Are students, faculty, and staff required to be tested for COVID-19? Will the University provide testing for COVID-19
All students, faculty, and staff returning to campus for the spring semester will be REQUIRED to be tested with a FDA EUA authorized PCR saliva or nasal swab test. They will not be allowed to enter campus or move into a residence hall without providing the negative test results in advance or bringing a copy of the results with them. They will then be tested again within the first week of arrival. 

As during the fall semester, all students, faculty, and staff accessing campus will be required to obtain a test once a month throughout the spring semester. The deadlines for mandatory testing are February 26, March 26, April 23, May 14. 

We provide on-campus testing for students and employees with results within 24 hours, or as quickly as possible thereafter.

How do I get a test?
The University is offering testing from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays only, excluding University holidays. You can find information and sign up for testing at the University Health Services page.

You can also get a test on your own. Here are links to help you find a local testing site:

New York Testing Sites
New Jersey Testing Sites
Connecticut Testing Sites
National Testing Sites

In addition, laboratories offering testing from home include:

Testing is available at both the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses for ongoing testing. Students and employees may sign up for testing on either campus regardless of where they attend classes or work. You can find the sign up link on this COVID-19 Info Center webpage. If you are looking to sign up for a test before January 15, use the link near the top of the homepage that says "testing for 1/4 to 1/15." If you are looking for testing later in January, select your campus and then click on "Schedule Test Now." 

You can track the number of COVID-19 positive cases on Fordham's COVID-19 Dashboard

Quarantine and Isolation

What is the specific period of isolation if I have tested positive? When does it start and end?
Isolation is for 10 days beginning on the date the positive COVID was tested.  

What is the specific period of quarantine if I have been exposed to someone who tested positive? When does it start and end?
Quarantine is for 10 days beginning on the date of exposure to the individual who tested positive COVID.

Should I remain on campus or return home to quarantine? 
Students may quarantine on campus or they can quarantine at home, should that be their or their family’s choice. 

I am traveling from another state or country to return to Fordham in the spring. Will I have to quarantine upon my arrival?
Students, faculty, and staff that are traveling from states that are NOT contiguous to New York (including if outside of the United States) are encouraged to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in New York or a contiguous state, per New York state guidelines, but they can now “test-out” of quarantine by taking the following steps:

  • They must have negative test results of a FDA EUA authorized PCR saliva or nasal swab test administered within three days prior to your departure;
  • Quarantine for three days upon arrival in New York or a contiguous state (quarantine cannot be done in University housing);
  • On day 4, obtain another COVID test either on or off campus;
  • If the pre-departure test AND this second test come back negative, they may exit quarantine upon receipt of the second negative diagnostic test;

In order to access campus, they must upload both test results

What documentation is accepted and how do we provide it?
In addition to required testing documentation, students from a state that is NOT contiguous to New York (CT, MA, NJ, PA or VT) and international students must complete the Fordham Quarantine Form (link will be shared in a future email) and also bring documentation with them to verify completed quarantine:

  • if you travelled to the New York state/city area or a contiguous state to complete your quarantine in that location, please bring a copy of your ticket/invoice to confirm your travel;
  • if you completed your quarantine in a hotel or other rental lodging, please bring a copy of your bill/invoice which includes the dates of stay;
  • if you did not stay in a hotel or other rental lodging, the form will allow you to enter the required information.

Students travelling from non-contiguous states must also complete the: New York State Traveler Health Form.

Do parents need to test before assisting with any move-ins?
No, parents and family members assisting with any move-ins are not required to be tested before entering campus, but there will be prudent safety and social-distance measures in place for the duration of move-in.

Though my home address is in a non-contiguous state, I never left New York City/another contiguous state during the break. What documentation do I need to exempt from the quarantine?

Students from non-contiguous states will receive an email with further instructions as well as a link through which documentation of quarantine or continued residence in a contiguous state can be supplied to the University.

Can I quarantine at a private home in a contiguous state?
Students may only quarantine in New York or in a state contiguous to New York (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Vermont), but may do so in a private home. Students from non-contiguous states were sent an email with further instructions as well as a link through which documentation of quarantine can be supplied to the University. There, we will ask that you provide the name and address of the individual with whom you have completed quarantine and the start/end date for the quarantine period.

What hotels are close to campus and recommended?
Fordham maintains a list of close-by hotels, but it should be noted that quarantine can be completed in any location in any state that does not appear on New York State’s list.

Once I complete quarantine and am ready to move in, can my parents/family help me do so if I too come from a non-contiguous state, or do I also have to quarantine?
In order to follow prudent safety guidelines, family members in this circumstance may unload cars outdoors and load items into the moving bins which we will have available in the lobby areas of buildings. However, we are asking individuals to remain in the lobby or outside only.