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COVID-19 Testing Data

Fordham University COVID-19 Dashboard

Positive COVID-19 test results are reported to the New York City Department of Health (DoH), regardless of whether the tests were performed on campus or by an outside health care provider. The DoH, in turn, reports all positive tests to the University, and those are reflected below.

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Other dashboard notes:

  • The number of cases indicated on each campus is a sum reported over the two weeks prior. 
  • The infection rate reflects the average percentage over the 14-day period. 

The New York state threshold for suspending in-person instruction is 100 cases in a prescribed two-week period, per campus. In the event one campus reaches that threshold, on-campus instruction and other face-to-face activities would be suspended only on that campus, but students in University housing on the affected campus would not be sent home.

New York state also maintains a COVID-19 Tracker. Data displayed there may differ from Fordham's COVID-19 dashboard due to differences in the data collection and timing of the reporting requirements, but the underlying data Fordham shares with the state is accurate and identical to that shared on the Fordham dashboard.