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Members of the University community should respond to the daily VitalCheck prompt at least 30 minutes prior to entering campus.

ITAC Work Plan

Instructional Technology Academic Computing Work Plan

This work plan is subject to change:

Faculty Technology Services staff will offer online support. For additional information email

Fordham IT offers one-on-one Q&A consultations to faculty on: 


Please go to this Google calendar to book an appointment.  Please note, these sessions are for Q&A. If you’ve never used these tools or need a refresher, please attend one of Fordham IT’s workshops, first. If none of the times on the calendar work for you, or if you have questions on a topic not listed, feel free to reach out to

Media Services staff at Rose Hill, Lincoln Center, and Westchester will work on a schedule consisting of one week on site (in person) and two weeks working from home, online. Student assistants will provide technical assistance for faculty in the evenings and on Saturdays. Staff includes Robert Blanchette at Westchester and Annibal Pella for the Art Department. 

Telephone support for campus classrooms
Instructors who need support are encouraged to use their own cell phone to contact Media Services in order to avoid touching surfaces.

          Rose Hill Media Services: 718-817-4170
          Lincoln Center Media Services: 212-636-6313

Hot phones Every classroom has a wall phone that connects to Media Services directly. No dialing required; just pick up the phone for an instant connection.

Remote support for campus classrooms
Media Services staff monitor classrooms at all three campuses remotely and in real time with the Extron GlobalViewer, an audiovisual management system. The systems enable remote control of turning the room display on and off, adjustment of speaker volume, and viewing status of all AV equipment for malfunctions in real-time.

Media Services staff can access the podium computer using LogMeIn. Remote capabilities include turning the computer on or off, assisting instructors with software applications, and providing remote support. 

Ivanti (LANDesk) allows Media Services staff to shadow a session on the computer podium. They can address error messages and guide instructors by controlling the computer mouse and keyboard.

In-Person Classroom Support
When remote support deemed unsuitable for a particular circumstance and a staff member or student worker needs to enter a classroom the following safety procedures will be adhered to:
          Observance of all social distancing guidelines established by the University 
          Masks, gloves and other appropriate PPEs will be worn
          Sanitizing wipes will be used to disinfect surfaces