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Network Support Work Plan

This work plan is subject to change. 

All support requests will need to be scheduled through IT Customer Care (718-817-3999). Support will be provided, whenever possible, over the phone or online. In-person support is required, an appointment will be scheduled. The technician and the person receiving support will need to adhere to safety guidelines, including proper use of PPE and social distancing observed at all times.

Requesting support and what to expect

To get help or schedule an appointment, contact IT Customer Care: 718-817-3999 or use the Tech Help tab at My.Fordham.

Should a site visit be required, an appointment must be made. Due to staff shortages and other limitations, a technician may not be available immediately. In the event of an emergency, we will do our best to divert resources to assist.

If an onsite visit is required, maximum effort will be taken to minimize contact between personnel. If the technician needs to interact with the University, an appointment will be made.

Site visit guidelines

Technicians will notify a department or person before a scheduled visit. Due to reduced resources, response time for support requests may be slower than normal. Fordham IT shall provide a minimum 24 hours’ notice prior to any onsite visit.

Servicing computer or phone connection failures onsite

Technicians in the field will always proper PPE gear and proceed to the appointed location of service and/or IT closet location.

Technicians will bring necessary equipment, such as a laptop, with them to resolve an issue to minimize contact with devices needing repair.
The equipment owner may be asked to authenticate their device on the network and then vacate the area so work can be done on the device or connection.

  • The technician will wipe down all surfaces they may have touched.
  • The technician will update the ticket with their entry to and exit from the site.  

Wireless issues and service outages

When possible, all service issues not involving onsite visits will be handled remotely. Technicians will follow proper PPE usage and social distancing when making an onsite visit.